This list of pre-approved courses is intended to inspire, not to require. These are some examples of courses that have been used for this submajor in the past. Each student should individualize the submajor around their interests and goals.  

Look for courses within SAS and other schools at Penn. Discuss your goals for the submajor with the STSC Chair or Associate Director.

Up to three (3) non-College courses* may be in the submajor. 

Up to two science courses 2000-level and above may count for the submajor, where appropriate.


Departmental courses:

STSC 1600: History of the Information Age
STSC 1761: Nature and the City: Place, Memory and the Environment
STSC 2018: Science in Public 
STSC 2418: Engineering Cultures (HSOC 2418)
STSC 2421: Manufacturing Minds: From Babbage to ChatGPT
STSC 2707: Data and Death
STSC 2644: Artificial Subjects: Golems, Homunculi, Robots, and Cyborg
STSC 2708: Digital Democracy
STSC 3088: Science, Labor, and Capital (HIST 0878)
STSC 3657: Technology & Democracy
STSC 3766: Cultures of Surveillance

Non-departmental courses: 

ANTH 1410: Museums, Monuments, and Social Justice
ANTH 2080: Anthropology of Futurity (DSGN 3120)
ANTH 3370: Anthropology of Policy and Practice
ANTH 3470: Anthropology of Corporations
ARTH 3621: Prints and Politics: From the Early Modern Era to Our Times (ENGL 2621)
CIMS 1030: Television and New Media (ARTH 1070, ENGL 1950, COML 1031)
CIMS 1130: Water Worlds: Cultural Responses to Sea Level Rise and Catastrophic Flooding (COML 1130, ENVS 1040, GRMN 1130)
CIMS 2952: Mobile Phone Cultures
CIS 1250: Technology and Policy
COMM 1300: Media Industries and Society*
COMM 3180: Stories from Data*
EAS 2030: Engineering Ethics*
ENGL 0766: Virtual Bodies, Virtual Worlds
ENGL 0090: Introduction to Literature and Business
HIST 1161: American Capitalism
HIST 119: History of the Corporation
HIST 1731: Financial Meltdown Past and Present (ECON 0620)
HIST 1759: Technology, Policy and War
HIST 2704: Thinking about Capitalism
HIST 3960: Histories of the Information Economy
LGST 2220: Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity (OIDD 2220)*
LGST 2420: Big Data, Big Responsibilities: The Law and Ethics of Business Analytics*
NETS 1120: Networked Life*
OIID 2220: Internet Law, Privacy, and Cybersecurity*
OIID 3140: Enabling Technologies*
PHIL 3800: Topics in Philosophy of Science
PSCI 1800: Introduction to Data Science

Updated 06/07/2023