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FAQs for HSOC and STSC Seniors


  • How do I know if I am on track to graduate?

            Credits needed for graduation: a minimum of 34 credits to graduate: 14 credits for HSOC/STSC, and 20 credits for the General Requirement (sectors, foundations, courses for minors, free electives, non-College courses not in the major, these all go into the general requirement category).  

            Sixteen (16) of the general requirement courses must be College courses.

            Junior Audit: In June the College office and Major/Minor academic advisers review the worksheets of rising seniors to check their progress toward graduation. The College Office reviews the General Requirement and the Associate Director reviews worksheets of all rising seniors:  HSOC and STSC majors, STSC minors and BIOE minors. She contacts students if there are any issues with their worksheet about which they should be aware.

            Senior Audit: The Associate Director reviews all senior worksheets in the fall between drop deadline and advance registration. Seniors should check in with their College adviser and with the Associate Director in the fall and/or beginning of spring term (or their last term).

            Students can track their own progress toward graduation using this worksheet:
            Computing your progress toward graduation.docx


  • When will my major/minor be certified for graduation?


            The Associate Director begins certifying senior worksheets for graduation in February.  Advisors have an April deadline for certifications.


  • Does the Department do anything special for Graduation?


            Yes! we host a reception for graduating HSOC and STSC seniors and their family/friends on the Sunday of the College graduation.  This reception is traditionally held 3-5 pm in the Lounge (Cohen 351).  Invitations are sent in April.


  • I  want to graduate early.


            Seniors who want to graduate early must talk with the College office and get an official change of status and change of graduation date onto their worksheet. Link to The College's page for Seniors 


  • I want to be part-time second semester of senior year.


            If you have 3.0 credits or less remaining to complete in your last semester, you can be part time; but you have to notify the College before the first day of classes for your last semester.
            Link to The College's page for Seniors