The History and Sociology of Science Department has two liberal arts majors providing students with interdisciplinary knowledge, critical thinking, and advanced skills in research and writing, and preparing them for a wide array of careers.

  • Science, Technology & Society integrates science and technology with humanities in social and historical context.  STSC majors explore the relationship between scientific knowledge, technological innovation, technological systems and society  by studying the history of science and technology, the social contexts in which science and technology occur, the organizations of people and things that make up technological and science systems, and the social, cultural and material consequences of scientific and technological change.

  • Health & Societies examines health and medicine in social context.  It aims to equip students with the sophisticated critical faculties and advanced multidisciplinary skills that will prepare them for work in health-related fields.  HSOC students think rigorously about the social and political processes that shape health practices and knowledge.  The program is built on three core disciplines: history, anthropology, and sociology.  Methods and courses from other disicplines and fields--including epidemiology, bioethics, environmental studies, and business/economics--supplement the core disciplines and provide majors with the variety of skills necessary to understand the forces shaping our contemporary health landscapes.