Submajors provide the opportunity for students to explore their particular interest within STS.  

Each student puts together a program of four courses from across the university as well as the department that help them explore a topic, problem or question.


  • Biotechnology and Biomedicine
  • Energy and Environment
  • Global Science and Technology
  • Information and Organizations
  • Science/Nature/Culture 

Submajor Guidelines

  • A submajor is a group of four courses (4 cu) about a topic, problem, or question that the student wants to explore and investigate within the realm of STSC
  • Submajors contain pre-approved and petitioned course selected by the student to for their submajor 
  • Students may petition courses for their chosen submajor.  STSC Request Form 18C.docx
  • Two science courses 200-level or higher may be included in the submajor 
  • Three or fewer non-College courses may be included in the submajor

Petitioning Courses for the Submajor

  • Submit a syllabus and petition form to the STSC chair or Associate Director
  • All petitions must make an argument about including this course in your submajor that connects the course specifically to the student's topic, problem, or question in the submajor and to the STSC major.  
  • Petitions should be submitted promptly during or just after the semester in which the course occurs - seniors need to submit before the end of add period in their last semester.
  • STSC Request Form 18C.docx 

Previous Submajors (for already declared majors as of January 4, 2017)

Cultures of Technoscience
Energy, Environment and Technology
Life Science in Society