Submajors provide the opportunity for students to explore their particular interest within STS by developing an individualized program.  Each student puts together a program of four courses that help them explore a topic, problem, theme or question.  These courses may come from across the university.  The goal is that each student understands how these courses relate to each other and work together to form a coherent group--that each student can have an "elevator speech" describing what they did with their submajor.


  • Biotechnology and Biomedicine
  • Energy and Environment
  • Global Science and Technology
  • Information and Organizations
  • Science/Nature/Culture 

Submajor Guidelines

  • Submajors are made up of courses selected by the student.
  • For each submajor, there is a list of pre-approved courses but these are to inspire, not require.  These lists are provided as examples of possible ways the submajor can be individualized around student interests and goals.  
  • Students may petition courses for their chosen submajor (see below).  
  • Up to two science courses that are 200-level or higher may be included in the submajor .
  • Up to three non-College courses may be included in the submajor.

How to Petition Courses for the Submajor

  • Submit a syllabus and petition form to the STSC program chair or Associate Director.
  • The purpose of a petition is to make an argument as to how this course fits in the submajor with the other courses that are there. 
  • Petitions should be submitted promptly during or just after the semester in which the course occurs.  Seniors need to submit before the end of add period in their last semester.
  • STSC Request Form.docx