The critical thinking skills and ability to synthesize and digest large amounts of complex information is still useful and always will be. (2007 grad writing in 2020)

What Can You Do With an STSC Major? 

Whether your interests take you to law school, science journalism, medical school, engineering, consulting, marketing, or government, the STSC program prepares you for a wide variety of careers and paths related to science and technology. 

Want to learn more about what comes next? Check out a recent Career Services Workshop led by Penn's Claire Klieger on how to prepare for life after graduation.

But the best answer to the question, "What can I do with an STS major?" comes from our STSC alums.  STSC alums are happy to talk with current majors about their work and career paths. Read below to find out more, and ask the Associate Director if there is someone you would like to contact.

Alison Comite, '23 (Information & Organizations). Working in Software Strategy at EY Parthenon.

Soline Boussard ’23 (Information & Organizations). Pursuing a Masters in Data Science at Harvard.

Ariyana Agarwala ’23 (Information & Organizations). Working in hospitality and business entrepreneurship endeavors, while applying for entry level marketing and tech jobs and grad school..

Sofia Rivera Colon '23 (Information & Organizations).

Joshua Chapman ’23 (Information & Organizations). Full Time Content Creator.

Christopher Rankins '23 (Information & Organizations). Pursuing his MBA.

Choyce Bostian III ’20 is working at Accenture as a Management Consultant and Analyst out of the Philadelphia office.

Kelcey Gibbons ’20 starts a doctoral program at MIT in fall 2020.

Andy Nguyen ’20 will be working full time as a product reliability engineer at Palantir in NYC in fall 2020.

Tunika Onnekikami '20 is an Assistant Producer for Data & Society.

Alex Silberzweig ’20 is working as a Research Associate at the Thyroid Head and Neck (THANC) Foundation in New York.

Nicole Bohn '19 Is the Electron and Surface Microscopy Instrumentation Specialist in the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (a collaborative government-university research laboratory focused on developing practical technologies for the protection of soldiers) at MIT.

Eric Chen '19 (dual degree) is working with Schlumberger as a Field Engineer Trainee in Bakersfield, CA.

Molly Dorshimer ’19 is working as a medical scribe and will be attending Columbia Mailman School of Public Health in fall 2020 to get my Master's in Public Health. 

Minna Fingerhood '19 works at Otis Wealth in NYC ( as chief of staff. 

Joshua Goldenberg '19 is working to qualify for the pro golf tour over the next two years.

Alexandra Hoffner '19 is doing tech consulting at Deloitte in New York city.

Griffin Hyde '19 is working in New York city advising private equity investors on social and environmental responsibility and governance.

Joshua Lauder '19 worked for Ogilvy Consulting after graduating, did a two-month program in the Israeli Military and is now working for a company called Shootsta  in Hong Kong. 

Avalon Morell '19 is working at Deloitte Consulting in the Strategy & Operations group in New York City.

Tamara Prabhakar '19 has sub matriculated into the Penn School of Engineering to finish a master’s degree next year in computer science. 

Max Reed '19 is working in NYC at Insight Venture Partners, a software-focused Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, doing research on technology trends and sourcing interesting companies to invest in.

Kaylah Walton '19 finished her post-baccalaureate pre-med course work and is in the process of applying to medical school. 

Michaela White '19 is a software developer for Vistar Media in Philadelphia.

Jack Becker '18 will attend Harvard Law School in fall 2019.

Caleb Chodosh ’18 “I spent 2019 working in Honolulu as a Strategy Consultant for several philanthropic initiatives between business, non-profits, and government (kind of confusing, but more info here: Was a super valuable experience where I was given a lot of autonomy to contribute to projects from drafting Natural Environment legislation to tax tourists, to working with the most rural school district in Hawaii to develop an agricultural entrepreneurship program. When COVID struck I had to rush home to Claremont, California. So that's where I am now; still doing part-time work for my former employers in Hawaii. I'm always available to help STSC students!”

Kendall Covington '18 will be consulting for alliantgroup in Houston, Texas. 

Gil Yigal Meitar ’18 worked in consulting for Deloitte in NYC for a year, then moved back to Israel for an opportunity in a company called HYPE Sports Innovation that plans accelerators for sports-tech companies, where he is the Equity Portfolio Manager. 

James Prell '18 is working as a technical writer at Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP.

Jonathan Sadeghi ’18 is working for Google in San Francisco.

Andrew Starker '18 is working in venture capital at Insight Venture Partners in New York.

Alexa Brickman '17 is working at Warner Music Group in their Business Development & Digital Strategies group.

Matthew Giancristofaro '17 has been working at Goldman Sachs in New York for the past year as a product manager who was part of the launch of the Apple Credit Card. 

Daniel Goldenberg '17 is working at Goldman Sachs.

Luke Hoban '17 is a research assistant at Penn in the Department of Medical Ethics.

Greg Howard '17 works on analyzing and improving business performance at Piano Software Inc. in Philadelphia.

David Kanter '17 is working in Seattle at Amazon Web Services doing technology sales. 

Benjamin Landress '17 is a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, currently stationed in Quantico, Virginia for training.

Gabe Leben ’17 is working in NYC at ?What If! Innovation--an innovation consulting firm that’s part of Accenture.

Gil Lehmann ’17 is getting a masters in city and regional planning at Penn. 

Robert Levine '17 is the editor of Zulu Press and a student at Harvard Graduate School of Design. 

Rachel Rubin '17 is working for AppNexus as an associate account manager in New York City.

Jacob Shein '17 is working as an analyst at General Atlantic.

Benton Turner '17 is the author of Breaking the Feedback Loop: How I Liberated Myself from Internet Addiction, and How You Can Too

Aditi Vrudhula '17 is a Recruitment Consultant with Mason Frank International in Manhattan, New York. Mason Frank is the second brand of Nigel Frank International.

Evan Bayless ’16 is a Product Marketing Manager for Curalate, a marketing startup.

Kelly Bridges '16 is working at Global Water 2020, but have since been promoted to Senior Associate. Global Water 2020 is an advocacy and facilitation initiative working to accelerate progress toward water security and sanitation for all. Separately, she was elected recently to serve a 3-year tenure on the Environmental Peacebuilding Association's Board of Directors, representing the perspective of young professionals.

Moriah Horan '16 works at the Wildlife Care Center of the Peninsula Humane Society in Burlingame, CA.

Torey Korsunsky '16 works at at Evolution Media Capital within its Creative Artists Agency. 

Riddhi Sanwal '16 is working at Brown Brothers Harriman as a Systems Business Analyst.

Maxwell Werther '16 is an analyst at a venture capital firm based in New York called 645 Ventures.

Nicole Baron '15 is working at J.P. Morgan in a Treasury Services Rotational Program within the Corporate and Investment Bank.

Graham Batzler '15 is doing web development at 1stdibs.

Heston Berkman '15 is working as an investor with BoxGroup in New York City, an early angel/seed stage investing entity.

Leland Chamlin '15 is working at a boutique investment bank/merchant bank in San Francisco called Dean Bradley Osborne Partners.

Sarah Craig '15 works at Penn SP2 for the Nonprofit Leadership Masters program

Dexter Davis '15 is working for Morgan Stanley investment services in Baltimore.

Melissa Fang '15 is working in the pediatric nephrology department of UCSF

Danielle Landress '15 is working in marketing at Google.

Paul Marett '15 finished an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge in 2016 and is working for GLG's Strategic Solutions Team with clients in their enterprise tech book to connect them to experts around the world who can help them solve their most pressing issues.  Since October 2020 he has been working on the social impact team at the company, which provides its services and access to the experts in our network to nonprofit organizations completely free of charge.  "This year in particular, we’ve worked with a lot of organizations responding to the COVID crisis and the racial equity movement."

Corey Miller '15 is an analyst at Scout Ventures.

Lydia Miller '15 Active duty U.S. Navy LT currently stationed at the Pentagon

Eric Murray '15 is doing tech consulting with Solstice Mobile in Chicago.

Krish Ramineni '15 is working for Microsoft in Seattle.

Monique Sager '15 is working with Maven, a healthcare technology startup, in New York City.

Emma Schad '15 is working as a Stewardship Assistant at Natural Lands, a land conservation and preservation non-profit based in Southeastern PA, and is studying for her Arborist certification this year. "I work under three different Preserve Managers to carry-out the everyday field work necessary to maintain the nature preserves and their trail systems as well as actively manage their different habitats for ecosystem health. One might translate, I ride tractors and think about plants a lot. If there are any folks interested in land conservation, preservation, land management, public spaces and lands, urban forestry, urban ecology, etc. I am always happy to discuss my experiences in the local landscape!"

Seth Schimmel '15 is working with the Research Services team of the Open Society Foundations, as a Research and Data Support Specialist. and is finishing a MS in Data Analysis and Visualization at the CUNY Graduate Center in Fall of this year.

Lindsay Stairs Hazen '15 is a paralegal for the Department of Justice, Fraud Section on a Strike Force prosecuting Health Care Fraud in Detroit, MI, and  will be attending Wayne State Law School in fall 2018.

Aaron Wilson '15 is currently working as a user experience designer at Audible, and is planning on moving to Israel and working as a user experience designer in Tel Aviv.

Tina Chen '14 Graduating from Chicago Booth (MBA) and will be working in management consulting at Bain

Derek Chilvers '14 is working in digital advertising in New York City and pursuing a music career.

Justin Cohen '14 is studying at the American University in Paris

Zach Costa '14 is working at Google in San Francisco.

Alexandra Golub '14 is a software engineer for Bloomberg LC.

Christina Hu '14 is working in investment banking at Credit Suisse.

Aly Ketover '14 is pursuing her MBA at Kellogg. Prior to this, she spent 5 years at Dropbox working on the People Strategy and Operations team in San Francisco. 

Grace Mutoko '14 is working as an IT analyst for Credit Suisse in New York City.

Lauren Scharf '14 is doing the Executive Development Program for e-commerce at Macy's.

Monica Schechter '14 is Category Manager at working on online Grocery.

Elliot Tusk '14 is working at Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts (KKR) in New York City.

Luis Vargas '14 is a program manager at Google (Mountain View).

Will Corbit '13 is a TFA alumni, Rio Grande Valley; Principal In Residence in Brownsville, TX with IDEA Public Schools; founded Summer Odyssey, a 7-week, rigorous, engaging summer school program.

Julia Eckstein '13 is working as an Account Associate at Google in Mountain View, CA.

Daniel Gomez ’13 is a Staff Researcher for the University of California, Merced where I investigate the potential to use spaceborne sensors to monitor water quality and aquatic ecosystems at the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Will Kearney ’13 completed his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at Boston University. “At the beginning of 2020 I moved to New Orleans to start a new position as an ASEE Postdoctoral Fellow with the Sediment Dynamics Section of the Naval Research Laboratory where I am building models to help the Navy predict sediment transport in coastal oceans.”

Harrison Lieberfarb '13 works in San Francisco,  for Evercore's investment banking technology group.

Lara Maggs '13 is pursuing a master's degree in bioethics at Penn.

Paige Rubin '13 is working as an Assistant Buyer for Bloomingdales.

Shelley Co '12 is at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in NY.

Chris de Luna '12 is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, in Communication, Computing and Technology in Education (CCTE), concentrating in instructional technology and media.

Victor Galli '12 is a research assistant in the Perelman School of Medicine's department of Biochemistry & Biophysics.

Hilary Gerstein '12 is a business analyst for Deloitte Consulting in its Strategy and Operations group.

Rebekah Larsen '12 is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge (UK) earning a doctorate in sociology.

Brendan McHugh '12 won a full tuition scholarship to Washington and Lee Law School, and is competing in the Olympic swimming trials this summer.

Terrence Sellers-Saidi '12 is in Taiwan where he works for Cooler Master, a computer components company where he is Global Community Manager and head of Public Relations for the Power Business Unit. He maintain his blog and is writing a novel among other projects. 

Dan Sholler '12 is in a doctoral program in the School of Information Studies, University of Texas-Austin.

Cal Silcox '12 is working for Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco.

Scott Williams '12 served on a Fulbright grant in Aceh, Indonesia and would be happy to answer any questions from fellow STSC or HSOC students about his experience!

Yelena Baras ‘11 “I am in my 5th year as a full time Nurse Midwife at Dar a Luz Birth and Health Center in Albuquerque New Mexico. I take care of women during their reproductive years including gynecology, perinatal care, out of hospital birth, postpartum care and newborn care. “

Frank Diebold '11 will be an Investments Analyst at MetLife in New York.

Jolecia Flournory '11 will be with Teach for America in Memphis.

Erin Li '11 is a second-year medical student at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Bridget McDugall '11 is hoping to join the Peace Corps in September as a science teacher.

Sarah Owen Lewis '11 is working at the Culture & Heritage Museums of York County, SC as Site Director for the Main Street Children’s Museum and the Museum of York County.

Logan Steinhardt '11 is film producer currently based in New York  with his own company “Wandering Bard.” 

Madison Wojciechowski '11 works at Warner Bros and do content distribution strategy as well as digital strategy across various business units, negotiating deals between WB content and IP and streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and all emerging platforms. She previously worked at a talent agency in both LA and NYC doing endorsement deals and digital strategy for celebrity clients like Ellen Degeneres and corporate brand alike. 

Ellen Yusti '11 is working for Deloitte as a Business Technology Analyst.

Jacqueline Boytim '10 is at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, working primarily in the museum, focusing on educational programming and contributing to their magazine and podcast.

Matthew Delfiner '10 is a Fellow in Cardiology at Temple University Hospital. 

Leila Glass '10 is Clinical Coordinator at the Cognitive Neuroscience Section of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the NIH working with traumatic brain injury patients.

Kevin McAleer '10 is a Project Manager for Amazon.

Eileen McKeown '10 is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Lindsey Stull '10 is about to begin her second year of medical school at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. This summer, she is researching pediatric multiple sclerosis at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and traveling in Central America.

Caleb Szubski ‘10 attended business school at Emory University (‘16) and is currently a VP at 11TEN Innovation Partners within its Innovation Strategic Advisory practice in Atlanta.

Melinda Angeles '09 is working at Allegheny County, PA as a Systems Engineer (GIS).

Malcolm Creighton-Smith '09 is applying to medical school and developing a public health project for the Somali community in Lewiston, ME.

Omari Ramirez '09 is currently an investment analyst for a merger arbitrage fund in New York called Water Island Capital.

Dan Ross '09 is with Teach For America, teaching 7th Grade Social Studies in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Victoria Frings '08 is an actor based in New York and has been working on and off Broadway and regionally. "I have, of course, been drawn to and often cast in plays about science. I have also started a production company, To-By-For Productions, devoted to telling stories through a female lens."

David Lundmark '08 worked for 2 years at Massachusetts General Hospital after graduating and is now a first year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine. He is an active member of the Massachusetts Medical Society and the American Medical Association, traveling to national conferences in San Diego and Washington, D.C. He is also the publicity chair on the board of the Student National Medical Association at Tufts and involved with the Multicultural Performing Arts Group and TAGLAB, Tufts' LBGT group. He also holds a part-time job walking dogs for the Dogfather in Boston's North End.

Laura Paliani '08 graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law and is Manager of Professional Development at the law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP in New York.

Emilie Schaffer '08 is Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis, Comvest Partners (Private Equity Firm), and pursuing Executive MBA at Kellogg (Northwestern)

Elaine Simeon '08 is working as a paralegal in San Francisco, and headed to law school with a possible focus on IP law.

Mitchell Steinberg ‘08 working in private practice as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Alex Erdos ‘07 is currently a Vice President with CBRE’s Global Life Science team, focused on bringing more lab space to market and advising life science occupiers on long-term growth strategy.

Rachel Meyer '07 is a 2nd year medical student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, after taking time off before med school to cook professionally (in NY and in Seattle).

John Wilcox ‘07 is working at Vanguard as a High Net Worth Client Senior Associate helping clients with their investments and portfolios.

Melody Kramer '06 writes: "I was recently named to the Digital Advisory Council for the Library of Congress. My consulting firm Hedgehog and Fox, which I started with a fellow Nieman Fellow, continues to help media organizations tackle some of their trickiest issues.I live with my family in Carrboro, NC where I lead communications for Carolina Demography at the Carolina Population Center at UNC-CH and am starting to (very slowly) work on a master's degree. Outside of all of that, I spend my time with my two under two, Asher and Kai, and occasionally sleep a full night."

Carleigh Krubiner '06 is a policy fellow at the Center for Global Development and on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. She recently completed policy guidance on the development and delivery of epidemic vaccines that pregnant women can use ( She also leads work with colleagues in South Africa on ethical priority-setting processes for National Health Insurance.

Jess Neiterman '06 is an attorney in the Division of Enforcement at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nili Sommovilla '06 is in her second year of medical school at UCSF after taking off two years to teach in Thailand and then develop an educational outreach program in science education.

Lauren Tuchman Wilson '06 is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Colorectal Surgery at Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH.

Vishaal Bhuyan '05 has published two books, both with John Wiley & Sons: Life Markets: Trading Longevity & Mortality Risk with Life Settlements & Linked Securities and Reverse Mortgages & Linked Securities. His third book The Esoteric Investor: Investing in a Changing World (FT Press) was published in 2011. 

Beka Strock, '05 is in her first year of graduate school for social psychology at the Univ of Albany (Albany, NY) after four years of service as an Army Military Police Officer (achieving the rank of Captain).