STSC Minor Requirements (6 c.u.)

Two (2) Core Courses (both of these are required) (2 c.u)

  • You MUST take either STSC 001 (Emergence of Modern Science) or STSC 003 (Technology & Society).

  • You MUST complete a second foundation course chosen from the following list: STSC 001, 003, 160, 168, 208, 212

  • This requirement may be fulfilled by taking both STSC 001 and STSC 003.

Four (4) Departmental Elective Courses (4 c.u.)

To become an STSC Minor

  • Submit your application to the STSC Chair or Associate Director, who will add the minor to your transcript. Please remember that adding the minor to your worksheet does not place the minor onto your transcript.

NOTE: For HSOC majors, only two courses may double-count between HSOC and the STSC minor.