STSC Minor Requirements (6 c.u.)

Two (2) Core Courses (both of these are required) (2 c.u)

(1) STSC 001  Emergence of Modern Science  (taught in the fall term) OR  STSC 003  Technology and Society (taught in the spring term)

(2) One of the following: STSC 160, 168, 208 or 212

Four (4) Department Courses (4 c.u.)

Only courses listed as STSC department courses count for this minor

To become an STSC Minor

  • Download and fill out the application
  • Submit your application to Dr. Greene, so that the minor becomes part of your transcript. Please remember that adding the minor to your worksheet does not place the minor onto your transcript.

STSC Minor Application 19-20.docx

NOTE: For HSOC majors, only two courses may double-count between HSOC and this minor.