Thank you for your interest in Science, Technology and Society!

Please explore the STSC site to learn more. Be sure to check out our Virtual Visit and take a look at our Student Research & Projects page to find out what it's like to be an STSC student! If you have questions that these pages to not answer, please email the program chair or undergraduate coordinator.

We can also connect you with STS majors if you want hear their experiences and advice.

Here are some courses we recommend to students who want to explore the STSC major:

STSC 001 Emergence of Modern Science
STSC 003 Technology and Society
STSC 110 Science and Literature
STSC 123 Darwin's Legacy    
STSC 135 Modern Biology & Social Implications
STSC 160 The Information Age
STSC 168 Environment and Society
STSC 212 Science, Technology and War  
STSC 219 Race, Science and Globalization
STSC 289 Technologies of Self and Society

Seminars especially recommended for first-year students:

STSC 028 Medicine, Magic and Miracles
STSC 082 Sport Science in the World



Prospective Penn applicants interested in STSC should first email the STSC program chair or associate director before visiting the department. Any and all appointments with faculty must be arranged individually and depend on faculty availability.

The website for STSC contains detailed information and we recommend that prospective students explore the STSC site thoroughly in advance of their visit or any appointments with faculty.

The most appropriate classes for prospective students to visit are the lecture classes listed on the College of Arts and Sciences Course List for Visitors. Seminars are generally not well-suited for observation and participation. 

All students should check first with the instructor to see if the day they plan to visit is actually a good day to see the class in action in case there are field trips or exams.