The STSC Undergraduate Advisory Board consists of STSC majors interested in enhancing the major and serving as a liason between STSC students and faculty.

Current (2022-2023) members of the STSC UAB:



Charlie Xie, '24 (Global Science and Technology)

Charlie majors in Africana Studies and Science, Technology, and Society with a concentration in Global Science and Technology. A student of many academic interests, his past research focused on religion, history of science, and race. Currently volunteering at CURF as a peer research advisor, Charlie wishes to transfer a part of that experience to help foster a positive research culture for STS undergraduates. In his free time, Charlie likes to cook, try out new restaurants, and explore Philadelphia. Feel free to reach him at if you have any questions!


Zida Anyachebelu, '25 (Global Science and Technology)


Hello, I'm Zida, a junior from the class of 2025 majoring in Science, Technology, and Society with a concentration in Global Technology, as well as studying Design. I'm passionate about exploring the intersections of technology, society, and design, and I'm deeply committed to understanding how advancements in technology influence different countries and their social implications.

Outside of the classroom, I'm an active member of various clubs on campus, including Nigerians at Penn, Wharton Entertainment Club, The Walk Magazine, and Monoliths Arts. 

With a particular focus on Green Cities, Environmentalism, Energy, and Technology, I'm fascinated by the possibilities of creating sustainable and innovative solutions for a better future. I'm also captivated by the synergy between art and science, constantly exploring how these two disciplines can collaborate and influence each other in meaningful ways.


Makayla Fradin, '25 (Biotechnology & Biomedicine)

My name is Makayla and I am a junior from South Jersey studying science, technology, and society concentrating in biotechnology and biomedicine. I am on the premed track with a minor in chemistry and medical sociology. I want to be a doctor of tomorrow. Not only do I want to be on the frontlines helping patients, but I want to be immersed in research about the future of medical technologies. The STSC major has allowed me to examine the relationships between scientific knowledge, technological innovations, and society past and present to establish my role in the medical field of tomorrow. I have engaged in classes dedicated to technology’s profound impact on medical practices, institutions, and patients alongside similarly passionate classmates. Outside of STSC, I am the director of philanthropy for Kappa Alpha Theta, volunteer as a bedside buddy at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and conduct research alongside doctors as well as PhD and medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine. Feel free to reach me at if you have any questions!


Luke Zhang, '26 (Information and Organizations) 

Luke is a sophomore from the Bay Area majoring in Economics and Science, Technology, and Society with a concentration in Information and Organizations. He is passionate about the intersection of business and innovation, with a particular interest in understanding how we can bring new technologies to market and maximize their impact. On campus, Luke is a member of Penn’s Fencing Team, President of Student Athlete Wellness Ambassadors, and a Benjamin Franklin Scholar. In his free time, he enjoys working out, eating good food, and discussing current events. Feel free to reach him at if you have any questions!