The STSC Undergraduate Advisory Board consists of STSC majors interested in enhancing the major and serving as a liason between STSC students and faculty.

Current (2020-2021) members of the STSC UAB:

  • Allan Cate '22. My name is Allan Cate and I'm an STSC and Political Science double major in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm originally from Northern Virginia and transferred to Penn after my freshman year. STSC seemed like a good fit for me because of its interdisciplinary nature, wide variety of electives, and capstone research opportunity. STSC has given me the opportunity to engage with science and technology through a social science lens while still exploring technical aspects of different scientific fields. In addition to my STSC courses and sub-major in Energy and Environment I recently became involved in research for the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy's podcast "Energy Policy Now". I am very excited to be a part of the STSC community and would love to speak with anyone interested in STSC.

  • Alison Comite '23.I am a sophomore in the College from New York City. I am majoring in STSC (Information and Organizations) with a minor in Linguistics. I have always been an avid reader and love the reading component of the STSC major. Furthermore, I have always enjoyed multiple subjects and enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of the major. My concentration highlights my interests: I am fascinated by data, statistics and other more quantitative research methods. STSC allows me to explore multiple career paths as well. I am so excited to be part of this community and the SAB! I would be happy to share my STSC experiences or chat about fitness, Israel advocacy, the best coffee places around campus or strategic interdisciplinary dabbling in general with anyone interested.

  • Christine Li '23. My name is Christine Li, and I am a sophomore from Great Falls, Virginia studying STSC (Biomedicine and Biotechnology) and minoring in Chemistry while on the premed track. I have always been passionate about the natural sciences, but I have also always wondered about the institutions and practices that are an integral part of the field. STSC has given me the context on what I am learning in my premed classes and has really expanded my worldview by digging deeper into establishments that we often take for granted. On-campus I am involved with Penn Timmy Global Health, SPEC Concerts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Club Tennis, and am conducting research about the effects of catecholamines on memory consolidation and retrieval. I am excited to be part of the UAB for STSC and would love to chat with anyone if they have questions about the major, research, premed, or even music!

  • Bianca Schilling '21. I am a senior concentrating in Biotechnology & Biomedicine. I began my college career with a sole focus on the pre-med and biological sciences PhD track. However, I quickly realized that I had also developed a fascination with how science is conducted, the far-reaching implications, and the stakeholders involved. From there grew my interest in the intersection of business and science, with an endless curiosity for the biotechnologies coming down the pipeline of development. I am a former co-editor of Momentum: Journal of the STSC major and the former Director of Finance for the Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society. I have also gained experience in translational drug target research at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, served as a business development intern at the Wistar Institute, and developed a biotechnology venture in Wharton VIP. This school year, I have begun my tenure as a founding board member of Penn Bio Launch, a new biotherapeutics accelerator which aims to foster venture creation specifically from Penn-affiliated biotechnologies. All my experiences and opportunities attest to the rich and diverse discoveries being a student in an interdisciplinary area of study such as STSC can offer.

  • Mary Shin '22. My name is Mary Shin and I’m a junior in the STSC department concentrating in Information & Organizations and minoring in Consumer Psychology. I’m grateful to be a part of the STSC department because it has allowed me to pursue learning about digital skills and resources, understanding global communications, and exploring technology design values. I spend lots of time researching the technology industry and learning more about career development. With my interest in data mining, forecasting, and predictive analytics, I’ll be joining Marsh & McLennan Companies as a Finance, Innovation, and Technology Intern this summer! In addition to proudly representing STSC, I’m also on the Penn Women's Golf Team, a Weingarten Learning Ambassador, and part of the Executive Board for our school’s Her Campus Media chapter. When I’m not studying or golfing, I enjoy writing about health & wellness, listening to music and podcasts, and practicing yoga. Please reach out to chat anytime!

  • Karen Wong '21: Hi! My name is Karen. I'm a junior from New York studying Science, Technology, and Society. I'm really excited to serve on the STSC Undergraduate Advisory Board and share ideas with the STSC community! At Penn, I am a member of the Daily Pennsylvanian, Student Federal Credit Union, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, and TechCare for Seniors where I volunteer and help seniors get connected to their friends and family. The STSC community has allowed me to study the historical and social contexts of science and technology. With its flexible and analytical framework, STSC has granted me many opportunities to explore various career paths. I interned at Fidelity Research Labs last summer and will be joining Goldman Sachs this summer! Please reach out to chat anytime!