The STSC Undergraduate Advisory Board consists of STSC majors interested in enhancing the major and serving as a liason between STSC students and faculty.

Current (2021-2022) members of the STSC UAB:


Allan Cate, '22 (Energy & Environment)

Allan is a senior in the College studying both STSC and Political Science. He transferred to Penn as a sophomore after his freshman year and is focusing on "Energy and the Environment" within his STSC major. He has aspirations of working at USAID or the UN after completing military service in the Navy.


Alison Comite, '23 (Information & Organizations)

Alison loves STSC and it even runs in the family (both her dad and brother were STSC majors)! Her concentration is Information and Organizations and she is particularly focused on the intersection of data and STSC. Outside of the classroom, Alison is a Co-Director of SPEC Pop-Up, a Co-Chair of Penn Israel Alliance, a Zionist Organization of America fellow, and a member of Sigma Kappa. Alison is not exactly sure what she wants to do, but she knows that STSC will give her an incredible background to accomplish her professional goals. She is primarily focused on the tech, business development and consulting industries. Alison is happy to answer any questions you might have! 


Christine Li, '23 (Biotechnology & Biomedicine)


My name is Christine Li, and I am a sophomore from Great Falls, Virginia studying STSC (Biomedicine and Biotechnology) and minoring in Chemistry while on the premed track. I have always been passionate about the natural sciences, but I have also always wondered about the institutions and practices that are an integral part of the field. STSC has given me the context on what I am learning in my premed classes and has really expanded my worldview by digging deeper into establishments that we often take for granted. On-campus I am involved with Penn Timmy Global Health, SPEC Concerts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Club Tennis, and am conducting research about the effects of catecholamines on memory consolidation and retrieval. I am excited to be part of the UAB for STSC and would love to chat with anyone if they have questions about the major, research, premed, or even music!


Mary Shin, '22 (Information & Organizations)

Hello! My name is Mary and I’m a senior in the STSC department concentrating in Information & Organizations and minoring in Consumer Psychology. Through this major, I've been fortunate enough to learn about fascinating topics such as global communications and technology design values. In addition to proudly representing STSC, I’m also Captain of the Penn Women's Golf Team, a Weingarten Learning Ambassador, and part of Penn Athletics Health & Wellness. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, practicing yoga, as well as researching career development. Please reach out anytime as I would be happy to share any of my experiences.