Submajors provide the opportunity for students to explore their particular interest within STS by developing an individualized program.  Each student puts together a program of four courses that help them explore a topic, problem, theme or question.  These courses may come from across the university.  The goal is that each student understands how these courses relate to each other and work together to form a coherent group--that each student can have an "elevator speech" describing what they did with their submajor.

This list provides examples of what kinds of courses could be used in the submajor.  
They are pre-approved but they are not required courses for the submajor.
STSC majors should look for courses within SAS and in other schools.
Each major should discuss their goals and desired courses for their submajor with the STSC Chair or Associate Director.

Up to three (3) non-College courses* may be in the submajor.  
Up to two science courses 200-level and above may count for the submajor where appropriate.


BEPP 263: Environment and Energy Economics*
BIOL 138: Energy Transformations and Living-Off-the-Grid
BIOL 240: Ecology: from individuals to ecosystem
EAS 301:Climate Policy and Technology*
EAS 401: Energy and Its Impacts*
EAS 402: Renewable Energy*
ENVS 301: Environmental Case Studies
ENVS 400: Environmental Policy
LGST 215: Environmental Management, Law and Policy*
PHYS 016: Energy, Oil and Global Warming
URBS 103: Industrial Metropolis
URBS 290: Metropolitan Nature

Some department courses that are relevant to this submajor:

STSC 168:  Environment and Society
STSC 279:  Nature's Nation

Also check this website for courses relevant to this submajor:

Updated 12/19