This list of pre-approved courses is intended to inspire, not to require.  These are some examples of courses that have been used for this submajor in the past.  Each student should individualize the submajor around their interests and goals.  

Look for courses within SAS and other schools at Penn.  Discuss your goals for the submajor with the STSC Chair or Associate Director.

Up to three (3) non-College courses* may be in the submajor.  
Up to two science courses 200-level and above may count for the submajor where appropriate. 

AFRC 202:  Spirit Possession in the Caribbean
ANTH 155:  Globalization
ANTH 260:  Cultures of Science and Technology
CIMS 295:  Mobile Phone Cultures
CIMS 378:  Global Media
COML 260:  Translating Cultures
COMM 318: Stories from data
NELC 337:  Jewish Magic
SOCI 307:  Race, Science, Justice
VLST 101:  Eye, Mind, Image

Some department courses that are relevant to this submajor:

HSOC 437:  Biopiracy
STSC 209:  Race and Culture in Global Science
STSC 329:  CSI Global
STSC 338:  Hybrid Science


Updated 11/19