Concentration Rules

  • Core courses may not be replaced by petition
  • For all other parts of the concentration, courses are examples of suitable courses and not required
  • Other courses may be petitioned
  • Up to three non-College courses* are permitted 
  • Courses not used for the core course may be used as topical electives where suitable
  • Students in this concentration may not minor in Bioethics

Core Disciplines
(1 cu required; no petitions)

STSC 001: Emergence of Modern Science (HSOC 001)
HSOC 002: Medicine in History (STSC 002, HIST 036)
STSC 003: Technology and Society (HSOC 003, SOCI 033)
STSC 212: Science, Technology and War (HSOC 212)

Core Bioethics Courses (1 cu required; no petitions)

BIOE 401: Introduction to Bioethics*
HSOC 102: Bioethics (SOCI 101)
HSOC 140: History of Bioethics
PHIL 072:  Biomedical Ethics

Philosophical and Religious Foundations (1 cu)

BIOE 402: Foundatons of Bioethics*
NURS 330: Health Care Ethics*
PHIL 002: Ethics
PHIL 072: Biomedical Ethics 
RELS 239: Death, Disease and Demons in the Medieval World
STSC 208: Science and Religion

Social and Institutional Contexts (1 cu)

ENGL 107: Medicine and Literature (formerly ENGL 085
ENVS 406: Community-Based Env. Health
GSWS 122: Sociology of Gender
HSOC 112: The People's Health
HSOC 216: Gender and Health
HSOC 260: Social Determinants of Health
HSOC 382: Public Health and Violence
LGST 101: Law and Social Values*
NURS 315: Sociocultural Influences on Health*
NURS 324: U.S. Child Health*
SOCI 264: Poverty, Race and Health
SOCI 307: Race, Science and Justice

Technologies, Practices and Practitioners (1 cu)

ANTH 260: Cultures of Science and Technology
ANTH 332: Medicine and the Language of Pain
BIOE 555: Bioethics and Technology*
ENVS 404/407/408: Urban Environments courses
HCMG 203: Clinical Issues in Health Care Management*
HSOC 152: Technology and Medicine in America (STSC 162)
HSOC 259: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
HSOC 331: Reproductive Medicine
STSC 252: Data and Death

Law, Politics and Public Policy (1 cu)

BIOE 575: Health Policy*
GSWS 149: Law and Social Policy on Sex and Reproduction
HCMG 101: Health Care Systems*
HSOC 150: American Health Policy
HSOC 382: Public Health and Violence
LGST 100: Ethics and Social Responsibility*
PHIL 277: Justice, Law and Morality
PSCI 221: Health Politics and Policy in Comparative Perspective
PSCI 414: Comparative Politics of the Welfare State
PUBH 507: Public Health Law and Ethics*
SOCI 134: Health and Social Policy
SOCI 235: Law and Social Change

 *non-College course

Updated 12/2/19