What is a concentration within HSOC?

A concentration is a block of six (6) courses about a topic within the broad discipline of Health & Societies.  A concentration provide each student with the opportunity to become expert within a particular area of interest.  Students curate these six courses from (1) lists of pre-approved courses (2) by petitioning relevant courses that they find across the university. 

Changes in HSOC Concentrations in May 2019

We are ending these concentrations 
Disease and Society
Environment and Health
Gender and Health
History of Medicine

We are creating 2 new concentrations
Disease and Culture (sociocultural and historical perspectives on health)
Race, Gender and Health (includes courses from the previous Gender and Health concentration)

HSOC Concentrations

From May 2019 forward the HSOC concentrations will be:

Bioethics and Society
Disease and Culture 
Global Health  
Health Care Markets and Financing
Health Policy and Law
Public Health 
Race, Gender and Health 

  • Any HSOC major may choose to be in one of these new concentrations.
  • Any student in one of these former concentrations -- Disease and Society/Environment and Health/Gender and Health/History of Medicine -- may choose to finish out that concentration, or to transfer to another concentration.
  • The other concentrations in the major are not changing.

What counts for the concentration:

  • You must have six courses (6 c.u.) focused on the topic of the concentration
  • There is a list of pre-approved courses for each concentration--these are not required courses
  • Non-College courses: Students may include up to and no more than three in the concentration including core courses.
  • Petitioning Courses: Students may petition courses not on the pre-approved list to count for the concentration (see the petition form below).
  • If the concentration has a core course, it should be completed first before petitioning courses
  • Study Abroad: up to two relevant courses may be used in the concentration.

How to Petition Courses for your Concentration

The petition process is simple.  HSOC Course Petition.docx

  • Download the petition form 
  • On the form, make an specific argument demonstrating how the material in the specific course is directly relevant to your concentration, and fits with the other courses in your concentration.
  • Submit the petition and a course syllabus to the Director or Associate Director.

  • Note: We prefer that petitions are for current courses or courses taken in the previous semester. You may consult with the Director or Associate Director in advance about a course you want to take and may need to petition. Complete core courses before petitioning concentration courses.

Note: The list of pre-approved courses for each concentration is evaluated and updated every year. Courses dropped from the pre-approved list continue to count for the major 
(1) if the course counted for the concentration when it was taken and
(2) if the student was an HSOC major when they took the course.