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Welcome to HSOC! Please take a look around our site to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how to join our exciting program!

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For Prospective Students

  • Explore the website to learn more about us and our students.
  • Reach out to the Associate Director with questions. Any and all appointments with faculty must be arranged prior to visiting campus and depend on faculty schedules and availability. 
  • If you wish to visit classes, the recommended courses for visitors are listed on the College’s “Courses for Visitors” page.  Prospective students should check with the course instructor to make sure that the day they plan to visit is good for seeing the class in action, and that there is no field trip or exam on that day.  
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Learn More!:

Please take some time to check out our website for more info about the HSOC program. If you have questions that these pages do not answer, please email the program chair or undergraduate coordinator.
You may also contact members of the HSOC Student Advisory Board or the HSOC Major Advisors (MAP).  These are experienced HSOC-ers who can answer many of your questions.  

Here are some courses we recommend to students who want to explore the HSOC major:

HSOC 0400 Medicine in History

HSOC 0480 Health & Societies

HSOC 1330 Bioethics

HSOC 1401 The People’s Health

HSOC 2457 History of Bioethics

HSOC 0490 Comparative Medicine

HSOC 1411 American Health Policy

HSOC 2537 Gender & Health

HSOC 2304 Insect Epidemiology

HSOC 2401 Social Determinants of Health

Freshman Seminars

HSOC 0311 Addiction

HSOC 0313 Cane and Able: Disability in America

HSOC 0387 Epidemics in History

HSOC 0361 Medical Missionaries and Partners



Prospective Penn applicants interested in HSOC should first email the HSOC program chair or Associate Director before visiting the department.  Any and all appointments with faculty must be arranged individually and depend on faculty availability.