STSC & HSOC in the World of 2020

Requirements of the HSOC Major (14 cu)

The HSOC major has four components:

  • Core coures
  • HSOC Department electives
  • Concentration courses
  • Capstone course

I. Core Courses (4 cu)

  • Foundation Requirement (1 cu)HSOC 010 or HSOC 145 (Required in order to declare the HSOC major)
  • Quantitative Methods (1 cu):  HSOC 100 or 111 or as SOCI 100 or 111
  • Core Discipline (1 cu) - HSOC 002, HSOC 150, or HSOC 112
  • Core Discipline (1 cu) - ANTH/HSOC 238 OR SOCI 175/HSOC 275

II. HSOC Department Electives (3 cu)

III. Concentration (6 cu)
     A student selects one concentration and creates a combination of six courses to fulfill the requirement.  These courses may be pre-approved courses or petitioned courses.  Please check the page for your concentration for the rules governing your concentration.

     The concentrations are

  • Bioethics and Health
  • Disease and Culture
  • Global Health
  • Health Care, Markets and Finance
  • Health Policy
  • Public Health
  • Race, Gender and Health

IV. Capstone Research Seminar (1 cu)  

  • A capstone research project is a 20+ page paper of independent research.
  • Every HSOC major does a capstone research project by taking a capstone seminar or independent study
  • A capstone seminar is any 400-level HSOC course -- all of these courses focus on the writing of a capstone paper
  • The independent study option to complete the capstone is HSOC 499 and requires a project plan, advisor, and department approval.
  • Only 400-level courses taken during a student's last three terms before graduation count to fulfill this requirement
  • HSOC 420 (by application only) satisfies this requirement

Want advice from other HSOC majors about courses and concentrations? Contact the HSOC-SAB