The following list of pre-approved courses is intended to inspire, not to require.  This list suggests some of the courses which have been used in the past for the concentration and which can  individualize the concentration around a student's interests and goals.

Concentration Rules

  • Core courses may not be replaced by a petitioned course
  • Relevant courses may be petitioned
  • Up to three non-College courses* are permitted 

Electives (6 cu required)

AFRC 201: Divinities, Diviners and Divinations
ANTH 122: Becoming Human
ANTH 260: Cultures of Science and Technology
COMM 373: Black Georgraphies: Race, Risk and Visual Cultures
FOLK 270: Folklore and Sexuality
GSWS 002: Gender and Society
GSWS 115: Before Transgender
GSWS 149: Law and Social Policy on Sex and Reproduction
GSWS 518: Nursing and Gendering of Health Care
HSOC 216:  Gender and Health
HSOC 219: Race, Science and Globalization
HSOC 452: Race and Medicine 
HIST 345: Sinners, Sex and Slaves
HIST 346: Bodies, Race and Rights
HIST 349: History of Sexuality in the U.S.
NURS 343: Global Health Environment Seminar*
PHIL 291: Philosophy of Race
SOCI 006: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 122: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 264: Poverty, Race and Health
SOCI 307: Race, Science and Justice
STSC 209: Race and Gender in Global Science
STSC 219: Race, Science and Globalization 
STSC 338: Hybrid Science: Nature, Health and Society

ONE of these may be used in the concentration:

ENVS 404: Urban Environments 

ENVS 406: Community Based Env Health

ENVS 407: Preventing Tobacco Use by Adolescents 

ENVS 408: Urban Asthma Epidemic


Updated 12/4/19