Concentration Rules

  • These courses are examples of what kinds of courses are suitable for the concentration and where to find them.
  • These courses are not required courses for the concentration, but are pre-approved and require no petition.
  • Suitable courses not on this list may petitioned
  • Up to three non-College courses* may be used in the concentration

Electives (6 cu required)

AFRC 201: Divinities, Diviners and Divinations
ANTH 122: Becoming Human
ANTH 260: Cultures of Science and Technology
COMM 373: Black Georgraphies: Race, Risk and Visual Cultures
FOLK 270: Folklore and Sexuality
GSWS 002: Gender and Society
GSWS 115: Before Transgender
GSWS 149: Law and Social Policy on Sex and Reproduction
GSWS 518: Nursing and Gendering of Health Care
HSOC 216:  Gender and Health
HSOC 219: Race, Science and Globalization
HSOC 452: Race and Medicine 
HIST 345: Sinners, Sex and Slaves
HIST 346: Bodies, Race and Rights
HIST 349: History of Sexuality in the U.S.
NURS 343: Global Health Environment Seminar*
PHIL 291: Philosophy of Race
SOCI 006: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 122: Sociology of Gender
SOCI 264: Poverty, Race and Health
SOCI 307: Race, Science and Justice
STSC 209: Race and Gender in Global Science
STSC 219: Race, Science and Globalization 
STSC 338: Hybrid Science: Nature, Health and Society

ONE of these may be used in the concentration:

ENVS 404: Urban Environments 

ENVS 406: Community Based Env Health

ENVS 407: Preventing Tobacco Use by Adolescents 

ENVS 408: Urban Asthma Epidemic


Updated 12/4/19