Concentration Rules

  • pre-approved courses are not required, but are examples of suitable courses
  • no more than three non-College courses are permitted
  • courses not on this list may petitioned
  • there is no doublecounting between the concentration and the rest of the major

Electives (pre-approved courses)

ANTH 122   Becoming Human

ANTH 260   Cultures of Science and Technology

GSWS 002   Gender and Society

HSOC 209   Race and Gender in Global Science

HSOC 216    Gender and Health

HSOC 219   Race, Science and Globalization

HSOC 452   Race and Medicine 

HIST 345   Sinners, Sex and Slaves

HIST 346   Bodies, Race and Rights

NURS 318   Race/Class/Gender in Health Care

SOCI 006   Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCI 122   Sociology of Gender

SOCI 307   Race, Science and Justice

STSC 219   Race, Science and Globalization 

STSC 338   Hybrid Science: Nature, Health and Society

STSC 436   Biopiracy