Assistant Professor

366 Cohen
Monday and Wednesday, by appointment


Ph.D. University of California - San Diego
M.A. Sabanci University, Istanbul
B.A. St. John's College

My work explores science during one of the most tumultuous periods in Ottoman history. I focus especially on the role of scientific knowledge in the emergence of the early modern Ottoman state. My primary inspirations are the materialist historiography of science and the emerging global history of early modern science. I am something of a generalist, as I work across many different sources and registers, from the Ottoman medical marketplace to minting practices and, from natural philosophy to gunpowder recipes. I am currently completing a monograph with the title, Science without Leisure: Practical Naturalism in Istanbul, 1660-1732. 

Research Interests

Science and Translation
Historiography of Non-Western Science
Cultural history of early modern science and technology
Science and philosophy in the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic world
Science Studies
Science and religion
Global history

Selected Work

"Early Modern Ottoman Science: A New Materialist Framework," Journal of Early Modern History 21 (2017): 407-419.

“The Copernican Rhetoric of Ibrahim Müteferrika,” in Sietske Fransen, Niall Hodson and Karl Enenkel eds.  Translating Early Modern Science Leiden: Brill, 2017, 258-285. 

"New Medicine and the Hikmet-i Tabi'iyye Problematic in Eighteenth Century Istanbul," in Tzvi Langermann and Robert Morrison, eds. Texts in Transit in the Medieval Mediterranean. University Park, PA: Penn State Press, 2016; pp. 222-242.

“Natural Philosophy and Politics in the Eighteenth Century: Esad of Ioannina and Greek Aristotelianism at the Ottoman Court,” Journal of Ottoman Studies 41 (2013): 125-159.

 “Islam, Christianity and the Conflict Thesis,” in Geoffrey Cantor, Thomas Dixon and Stephen Pumfrey, eds. Science and Religion: New Historical Perspectives. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011, pp. 111-130.

Teaching Fields

History of Early Modern Science
Science and Religion
The Enlightenment
Science Studies 

Courses Taught

Spring 2018 

STSC 208 Science and Religion: Global Perspectives

STSC 400 Capstone Seminar

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