All questions about submatriculation should be addressed to the STSC or HSOC advisors.

Submatriculation permits a College student to earn a combined B.A.-M.A. in four or five years.  
Rules on submatriculation for students in the College.

Submatriculation falls under the graduate program of the Department of History and Sociology of Science.  It is not an extension of the undergraduate programs in STSC or HSOC.  A submatriculated student earns an M.A. in the History and Sociology of Science (in combination with their B.A. program)

There is no formal application process for submatriculation in HSS.  It grows out of the relationship between a student and one or more faculty members. It is an opportunity for the student ready for graduate work rather than a formal program. Admission is by invitation, on a case-by-case basis, after a vote by the HSS faculty.

A student who is approaching their work in a scholarly manner, shows interest in and ability for graduate level work in the History and Sociology of Science, is a major in STSC or HSOC, and is working closely with one or two faculty members, begins discussing graduate work with the faculty member whose research focus matches the student's.   This conversation should begin during sophomore year and no later than the first term of junior year. Through these conversations and further academic advising, the process of submatriculation can begin.

Admission for submatriculation requires:

1) unequivocal support from a faculty member with whom the student has worked closely;
2) a vote of approval by the full HSS faculty.

To earn an M.A. in History and Sociology of Science along with the B.A. in STSC or HSOC, undergraduates must complete all normal requirements for graduation at Penn, and all requirements for submatriculation.

Requirements for submatriculation in HSSC:

  1. A total of 8 graduate course credits, of which at least 6 must be in HSSC. Four of these courses can be used toward the BA in STSC or HSOC.
    • One of these courses must be HSSC 505
    • Four others must be graduate seminars in each of at least two of our three major subfields (science, technology and medicine)
    • One must be a research seminar in which the student completes a substantial writing project, and earns an A- or better.
    • One must involve historical study of the period before 1850.
  2. Application no later than the junior year, and completion of all requirements within four years from entering Penn as an undergraduate.

Undergraduates interested in submatriculation should

  • take courses from faculty whose research aligns with their intellectual and scholarly interests
  • "test the waters" of graduate study by taking 500-level graduate courses in this department.  Since these courses are by permission only, undergraduates must receive specific permission from an instructor in order to register.  Instructors will want to see evidence (grades and written work)  that the undergraduate has the reading and writing skills necessary for graduate study.
  • attend HSS Monday Workshop Click for schedule