APS John C. Slater Predoctoral Fellowship in History of Science for 2019-2020: Prashant Kumar

Linda Hall Library Fellowships: Alexis Rider, Nikhil Dharan

Mellon Dissertation Fellowship: Jason Chernesky

National Science Foundation Dissertation Grant: Alexis Rider

Science History Institute Dissertation Fellow: Sara Ray

Smithsonian Fellowship: Alexis RiderDean's Scholar: Leah Samples

Research Fellowship at the Consortium for History of Science,Technology, and Medicine: Alexis Rider

FLAS Fellowship in Arabic: Austin Cooper

Penn Dissertation Research Fellowship: Austin Cooper

LBJ Library Moody Research Grant: Austin Cooper

Eisenhower Library Research Grant: Austin Cooper



Collegium Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture Graduate Fellowship - Christopher Fite

Consortium Dissertation Fellowship - Ekaterina Babintseva

Dean's Scholar - Sumiko Hatakeyama

Fulbright Scholarship - Sara Ray

Mellon Dissertation Fellow, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities - Jesse Smith

Penn Prizes for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students - Tabea Cornel, Alexis Rider 

2018 Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program - Nicole Welk-Joerger


Grad Publications

Cameron Brinitzer co-edited a Special Focus section for the History of Anthropology Newsletter with colleague Gabriel Coren on Georges Canguilhem's "The Living and Its Milieu." Contributors include Hannah Landecker, Adriana Petryna, Todd Meyers, Kathleen Stewart, and Carlo Caduff. 

Claire Sabel has published "The Impact of European Trade with Southeast Asia on the Mineralogical Studies of Robert Boyle," in Michael Bycroft and Sven Dupré eds. Gems in the Early Modern World Materials, Knowledge and Global Trade, 1450–1800. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019):87-116. 


Grad Alumni

Humanities Book Prize of the Latin American Studies Association - Eve Buckley '06 for Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in 20th Brazil (UNC Press, 2017) 



Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students - Nicole Welk-Joerger

Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities Fellows - Alexis Rider and Nicole Welk-Joerger

Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Fellow - Elaine Lafay

Pressman Prize (AAHM) - Rachel Elder



HSS Dissertation Prize - Whitney Laemmli

APS Fellow in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine - Elaine Lafay

Dean's Scholar - Elaine Lafay

University Dissertation Completion Fellowships (DCF) - Rosanna Dent and Matthew Hoffarth

University Dissertation Research Fellowships (DRF) - Ekaterina Babintseva, Tabea Cornel and Kate Dorsch

Mellon/ACLS Fellowship  - Rosanna Dent

Cheiron Young Scholars Award - Matthew Hoffarth


Atkinson Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Cornell) - Mary Mitchell

A.W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Wisconsin) - Lisa Ruth Rand

Columbia Society of Fellows - Whitney Laemmli

Penn Program on Race, Science and Society - Eram Alan



AAHM Shyrock Medal - Marissa Mika

ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion Award - Whitney Laemmli

Halpern Prize - Tamar Novick

Mellon Fellowship for Research in Original Sources - Elaine Lafay

NASA Fellowship and PACHS Dissertation Writing Fellowship - Lisa Ruth Rand


Max Planck Post-Doctoral Fellowship - Tamar Novick

Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Digital Humanities - Peter Collopy



SHOT Edelstein Prize - Christopher Jones '09 for Routes of Power (Harvard, 2014)