Professor Emeritus



D.Phil., Oxford University
Ph.D. Northwestern University
M.A., Northwestern University
B.A., Columbia University

Research Interests


History of health and healing in Africa, the content and uses of orally transmitted knowledge, and the place of knowledge about Africa in the social sciences.

Selected Work


African History. Second edition, fully revised. With Philip Curtin, Leonard Thompson, and Jan Vansina Longman, 1995.

The Social Basis of Health and Healing in Africa: Co-edited with John Janzen. University of California Press. 1992.

Peasant Intellectuals Anthropology and History in Tanzania: University of Wisconsin Press. 1990.

The Social History of Disease and Medicine in Africa: Co-edited with John Janzen. Special issue of Social Science and Medicine. 1979.

Health and Society in Africa: A Working Bibliography, Crossroads Press. 1978.

African History, with Philip Curtin, Jan Vansina and Leonard Thompson. Little Brown, 1978.

Teaching Fields

Health and Healing in Modem Africa
Comparative Medicine
Symbolic Anthropology
History and Social Theory
Household and Gender in African History.
The Social Construction of Oral Tradition
History of Pre-Colonial Africa
Africa in World History
History of Modem Africa
History of East Africa (graduate research course)
History of Southern Africa
Numerous seminars on special topics on anthropology and history in African studies.
Laboratory Course in African History
Methods of Historical Research for Non-Literate Societies

Faculty Bookshelf