Professor (1942-2013)


Ph.D., Yale University
M.A., University of London
B.A., Brandeis University

Before her unexpected death in spring 2013,  Dr. Kuklick had a long career at Penn, teaching courses in the history of the human sciences, the history of the field sciences, and the sociology of knowledge. 

Selected Work

“The Theory of Evolution and Cultural Anthropology,” in Aldo Fasolo, ed., The

Theory of Evolution and Its Impact, Heidelberg/New York:  Springer Verlag,
2012, 83-102.

“Personal Equations: Reflections on the History of Fieldwork, With Special Reference to Sociocultural Anthropology,” Isis 102 (2011):  1-33.

“Continuity and Change in British Anthropology, 1914-1919,” in Reinhard Johler,
Christian Marchetti, and Monique Scheer, eds. Doing Anthropology in Wartime and War Zones:  World War I and the Cultural Sciences in Europe, Bielefeld: 
transcript, 2010, 29-45.

A New History of Anthropology (2008), an edited collection to which she has also contributed.

“‘Humanity in the chrysalis stage’: Indigenous Australians in the anthropological Imagination, 1899-1926,” British Journal for the History of Science (2006)

A special issue of Osiris, Science in the Field, co-edited with Robert Kohler (1996)

The Savage Within. The Social History of British Anthropology, 1885-1945 (1991, 1992)

Current Perspectives on the History of the Social Sciences, co-edited with Robert Alun Jones (1983)

The Imperial Bureaucrat: The Colonial Administrative Service in the Gold Coast, 1920-1939 (1979)

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