This is a list of the courses in which the department has used TAs and Graders. Whether a course will be offered in fall or spring is usually decided by the preceding February.

STSC 001 Emergence of Modern Science
STSC 003 Technology and Society
STSC 110 Science and Literature
STSC 160 Information Age
STSC 168 Environment and Society
STSC 212 Science, Technology and War

HSOC 002 Medicine in History
HSOC 010 Health and Societies
HSOC 102 Bioethics
HSOC 112 The People's Health
HSOC 145 Comparative Medicine
HSOC 150 American Health Policy



There are teaching opportunities for experienced ABD graduate students in Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) during the summer sessions.  There are often teaching opportunities available at Philadelphia's many other technical and educational institutions as well.

LPS (College of Liberal and Professional Studies) announces its call for summer courses in the preceding fall.

  • Graduate students who are ABD may apply to teach a course.  
  • There are six-week courses (Session I or II) or 11-week courses (for the entire time period)
  • These courses should fulfill core requirements for one of the two undergraduate majors in the department (HSOC or STSC) or the General Requirement for College of Arts and Sciences undergraduates ("sector" requirements)

Courses offered during recent summer sessions:

  • STSC 001   Emergence of Modern Science
  • STSC 003  Technology and Society
  • STSC 135  Modern Biology and Social Implications
  • STSC 168  Environment and Society
  • HSOC 002  Medicine in History