Monday, April 18, 2022 - 3:30pm

3rd Floor Cohen Hall

Michele Anzabi, The Revitalization of the U.S. Menstrual Movement

Natalie Doppelt, The Unsustainability of Hospital Waste: How Disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has Become Normalized Despite its Environmental Impact

Sarah Finkelstein, Reframing Caregiving and Medical Professionalization: Using the History of Modern Doula Care to Recognize the Value in Viewing Care Work and Professionalized Technomedicine along a Continuum

Mae Mouritsen, #Invisible: Identity and Community Construction Among Women with Invisible Illnesses and Disabilities on Visual Social Media Platforms

Daryn Smith, The Intersection of Mental Health and Gun Violence: How Discourse Surrounding it Perpetuates and Reinforces Racial Hierarchies

Noelle Kristen Smith, Unpacking “the American:” Opposing Neoliberal and Consumerist Ideologies in Characterizations of the Clinton Administration’s Health Security Act (1993-1994)

Nicholas Thomas-Lewis, Recovery of the Self…from Addiction, Adolescence, and Neuromedicalization

Nikita Zinzuwadia, Criminal Justice, Mass Incarceration, and COVID-19: Understanding Prison Health and Prison Health Activism in the United States