Graduate Student

Entered 2019


B.A. in Environmental Studies, Yale-NUS College, summa cum laude

Yingchen studies the intersection between the history of evolutionary biology and queer theory, focusing on how evolutionary scientists enlist/ed ideas of social, political, economic, and psychical reproduction to make sense of the purpose and value of genetic diversity across a range of asexual and sexual reproductions from the Fin de siècle to the contemporary era. Her work aims to put disparate valuations of the relationship between death and diversity as taken up in conservation science and queer theory in conversation with each other, as well as to situate contemporary epistemologies of queer nonhuman life within a broader historical scientific context.

She is also an admin of Trans PhD Network, a Facebook networking group for trans people pursuing graduate work.

Research Interests

History of biology and ecology; history of evolutionary thought; environmental humanities; queer theory; queer ecologies; affect theory; feminist STS; transgender studies; biopolitics

Selected Work

Kwok Yingchen, Marvin Joseph F. Montefrio, and Edson C. Tandoc Jr. 2022. "Navigating Discipline and Indulgence: The Performance of Contradiction on Instagram Food Posts in the Philippines." Food, Culture & Society. DOI: 10.1080/15528014.2022.2113285

Kwok Yingchen. "Method and Pedagogy in Trans Studies, Trans History, and the History of Science: An Interview with Beans Velocci." 2022. FQT/GSWS.

(Panel Discussion) "Zinemaking Toward Social Change: Artivism, Rhetoric, and Publishing Minoritarian Cultures." 2022. Hosted by Illinois State University.


Trans PhD Network

Courses Taught

STSC-168 Environment and Society (TA, Fall 2020): Gave lecture on "Gender and the Environment"

HSOC-010 Health and Societies: Global Perspectives (TA, Spring 2021)

HSOC-102 Bioethics (TA, Spring 2022): Gave lecture on "The Bioethics of Trans Medicine and Research"

HSOC-0400 Medicine in History (TA, Fall 2022): Gave lecture on "Women in Medicine"

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