Doctoral Candidate

Entered 2014

369 Cohen
By appointment for Spring 2018





MS, Arcadia University, Genetic Counseling
BA, Barnard College, American Studies

I have been affiliated with Penn since 2004, first as a clinical research coordinator for islet cell transplantation in endocrinology and later as a genetic counselor and outreach coordinator in oncology. I have also collaborated on ELSI studies at Penn's Center for the Integration of Genetic Healthcare Technologies and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.


Research Interests

My research interests cut across the medical humanities into more applied research on how diagnostic technologies are integrated into clinical practice. I am interested in how patients, providers, policy-makers, and payers make sense of diagnostic and screening technologies and how said technologies impact or define patient populations and experience. 

My dissertation takes the relatively common genetic disease cystic fibrosis as a case study of novel diagnostic technologies, risk, and biosociality, a term anthropologists employ to connate how social relationships are built around emergent biomedical categories. I chart how the CF community was reconfigured through bacterial surveillance starting in the 1980s, as policy-makers enacted guidelines encouraging the separation and isolation of people with CF from one another to prevent risk of transmissible infections.



Selected Work

Young JL, Werner-Lin A, Mueller R, Hoskins L, Epstein N, Greene M. Following BRCA1/2 mutation-positive women during their reproductive years: a longitudinal case series. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology 35(4): 393-408, 2017.

Walser S; Werner-Lin A; Mueller R; Miller VA, Biswass S, Bernhardt B. How do providers discuss the results of pediatric exome sequencing with families? Personalized Medicine 14(5): 409-422, 2017.

Bradbury A, Patrick-Miller L, Harris D, Stevens E, Egleston B, Smith K, Mueller R, Brandt A, Stopfer J, Rauch S, Forman A, Kim R, Fetzer D, Fleisher L, Daly M, Domchek S. Utilizing Remote Real-Time Videoconferencing to Expand Access to Cancer Genetic Services in Community Practices: A Multicenter Feasibility Study. J Med Internet Res. 18(2): 1-15, 2016.

Valverde K, Mueller R, Paciotti B, Conway L. An Exploratory Study of Employers Attitudes Towards a Clinical Doctorate in Genetic Counseling. J Genet Couns. 25(1):179-88, 2016.

Lindee S, Mueller R. Is cystic fibrosis genetic medicine’s canary? Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 54(3): 316-331, 2011. 





Courses Taught

I teach a graduate course on Ethical Issues in Genetic Counseling at Arcadia University and have assisted teaching Comparative Medicine and Technology Society to Penn undergraduates. 

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