Senior Fellow, Fox Leadership Program

Lecturer, Political Science

Leadership Hall, 3814 Walnut Street





M.A.; M. Phil., Yale University

Research Interests

American politics and political thought
Interest groups, social movements, and public policy
Politics of food, agriculture, the environment, health, labor, race, education, social welfare and service learning

Selected Work

"Service Learning with a Food Stamp Enrollment Campaign: Community and Student Benefits," Michigan Journal of Service Learning, Spring 2008 (with Judith Porter, Suzanne Toton, and Hillary Aisenstein)

"Making Food Stamps Work: A Report on the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger’s Food Stamp Enrollment Campaign 2003-2006,” Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger,, 2006

“The New Deal Farm Programs: Looking for Reconstruction in American Agriculture,” in Jane Adams, ed. Fighting for the Farm: Rural American Transformed (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003)

“From the Heartland to Seattle: The Family Farm Movement of the 1980s and the Legacy of Agrarian State Building,” in Catherine McNicol Stock and Robert D. Johnston, The Countryside in the Age of the Modern State: Political Histories of Rural America (Cornell University Press: 2001)

“The Election and Governance of John Daniels as Mayor of New Haven and the Failure of the Deracialization Hypothesis,” (with Philip Klinkner), in Huey Perry, ed., Race, Politics, and Governance (University Presses of Florida, 1996).

“The Front Runner: Jesse Jackson in Black and White,” review essay, The Nation, Vol. 245, Number 18, Nov. 28, 1987.

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