Lecturer, STSC

371 Cohen Hall



Ph.D. University of Chicago
M.S. University of Chicago
B.S. Binghamton University

Selected Work

"Natural selection in the field: Insecticide resistance and the evolutionary synthesis, 1914-1951," in Joe Cain and Michael Ruse, eds. Descended from Darwin: Insights into American Evolutionary Studies. Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 2009.

"Biology in the chemical industry: Scientific approaches to the problem of insecticide resistance, 1920s-1960s," Ambix 51:135-147, 2004.

"Establishing the fact of insecticide resistance in the field and
laboratory: Research approaches in agriculture and industry," Endeavour 28:114-119, 2003.

"Science in the brewery: Pure yeast culture and the problem of spoiled beer," Chemical Heritage 20:10-11, 39-43, 2002.

Teaching Fields

History of Biology

Courses Taught

STSC 135: Modern Biology and Its Social Implications (Spring 2013)

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