Doctoral Candidate

2016 Cohort

Claudia Cohen Hall 331

Curriculum Vitæ


2016  M.A. The New School for Social Research, Anthropology

2012  M.A. The New School, Graduate Program in International Affairs

2009  B.A. California State University, Sacramento, Government (International Relations)


I'm working on a history and anthropology of a cognitive science of culture. My dissertation asks how culture—long renowned precisely for its ambience and imponderability, and as something that one might only hope to get a sense of over time and through immersion "in the field"—has been made into an epistemic object of experimental human, life, and mind sciences; and, how an unruly thing like culture actually gets made and measured in the famously controlled settings of the (experimental psychology) laboratory. 

My dissertation is grounded in extensive fieldwork that I conduced in the social cognition labs of the Department of Cognitive Science at the Central European University, a university legislated out of Hungary by the country's avowedly "illiberal" government, during the first year of the CEU's move from Budapest to Vienna. My dissertation situates this laboratory science of culture in histories of human, life, and mind sciences, and in contemporary (cosmo)political contests over the nature of the Central European social.


Committee: Etienne Benson (chair), M. Susan Lindee, Adriana Petryna, & John Tresch. 


Selected Work


2021. "Recurrent Reformations of Culture." AAA, Baltimore (Zoom)

2021 [Panel organized in 2020; postponed to 2021] "Social Learning Mechanisms: The Evolution of Culture and Its Sciences." HSS-SHOT, New Orleans (Zoom). 

2021. "The Field in the Lab: Electromagnetism in a Cognitive Science of Culture." What is a Field? Workshop co-organized with Etienne Benson at UPenn (Zoom). 

2020. "Constructing Social Minds." EASST-4S, Prague (Zoom). 

2019. "Durable Cultures and Intertwined Ends." AAA, Vancouver

2019. "Anthropology and Psychology in the Lab, Field, and Garden." 4S, New Orleans

2019. "Between the Lab, Field, and Garden: Experimental Psychology and Ethnology ca. 1900." HSS, Utrecht

2018. "Materializing Nonverbal Minds: Measuring Looking-Time in Experimental Psychology." SHOT, St. Louis.  

2015. "The Afterlife of Structuralism in the Cognitive Sciences." Sorting Brains Out: Tasks, Tests, & Trials in the Neuro- & Mind Sciences, 1890-2015. Conference at Upenn. 


2021. "'Structures' in Context." With Gabriel Coren, editors' introduction to History of Anthropology Review Special Focus Section, "Strucutres." 

2019. "As Adventerous as Life." With Gabriel Coren, editors' introduction to History of Anthropology Review Special Focus Section, "Canguilhem's Milieu Today." 

Book Reviews

2019. "The Savage Within." Review of Henrika Kuklick's The Savage Within for History of Anthropology Review Generative Texts. 

2017. "Plastic Things." BioSocieties 12(1): 170-175. 

2016  "Forging Links, Surveying Rifts." In Somatosphere Book Forum -- Science, Reason, Modernity: Readings for an Anthropology of the Contemporary (eds. Anthony Stavrianakis, Gaymon Bennett, and Lyle Fearnley), ed. Todd Meyers. 

2015  "A Catholic Atheist and His Good Monkeys." With Nicolas Langlitz. Anthropology Now 7(3): 118-124. 


History of Anthropology Review 

Sciences of the Senses Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine Working Group (co-convened with Judy Kaplan)

Social Mind Center, Central European University

Teaching Fields

American Health Policy (TA, Fall 2020) 

Environment and Society (TA, Fall 2018)

Health and Societies: Global Perspectives (TA, Spring 2018) 

Emergence of Modern Science (TA, Fall 2017) 

Faculty Bookshelf