Doctoral Candidate

Entered 2017

Cohen 372
W(11-12), Th(1-2)




B.A.  St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. 
M.A. Presidency University, Kolkata. 

Arnav completed his undergraduate education at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata where he studied English Literature(major), History and Economics. Subsequently, Arnav earned a Master's degree in early modern and modern South Asian History at Presidency University, Kolkata. For his Master's thesis, Arnav explored anthropomorphic representations of the geo-body in colonial and post-colonial India in comparison with pre-colonial representations of the same. In particular, he historicized and critically analyzed the trope of 'Bharat Mata'(Mother India) in its Indic and modern avatars, arguing that modern representations of the geo-body are devoid of the notions of fluidity and fertility that characterized earlier forms. 

Research Interests

Arnav's general research interests pertain to the history of modern and early modern South Asia. He is interested in the history of medicine, alternative medicine, gender and sexuality, history of the body along with studying larger historical processes such as colonialism, anti-colonial nationalism, religious nationalism and post-colonialism. More specifically, Arnav intends to research on the history of sexology and sexuality in South Asia and how that history intersects with the histories of medicine, gender, body, and nationalism.

Teaching Fields

Teaching Assistant: HSOC 002/HIST 036/ STSC 002, Medicine in History(Course Instructor: Professor David Barnes), Fall 2018. 

Teaching Assistant HSOC 112, The People's Health(Course Instructor: Professor David Barnes), Spring 2019. 

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