Graduate Student

Entered 2016

Cohen Hall 372
F 2:15-4:15 p.m.



M.A. New York University
M.S.I.S. University of Texas-Austin
B.A. Ithaca College


Research Interests: 


the critique of technology; philosophy of technology; STS; ethics; libraries; the Anthropocene; history of technology; Lewis Mumford; Günther Anders; environmental history; post-scarcity; robots; media ecology; apocalyptic romanticism; material culture; Luddism; utopianism.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the end of the world. More specifically I am interested in the belief that humanity’s romance with technology has the species (and the planet) set on a course that will inevitably lead to disaster. I am interested in ideologies that develop in relation and in reaction to technological change – and the ways in which these views influence discussions about what it means to be human in the human built world. This research draws heavily on thinkers associated with the critique of technology and works to engage with their warnings and misgivings in order to apply their thought to the Anthropocene. This research has also led me to become highly interested in the ways in which technology factors into ethical philosophy – particularly in terms of the manner in which Jewish philosophers have written about ethics and technology.

Prior to coming to Penn I completed an MA from the department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University and an MSIS from the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. I have worked as a librarian for many years – most recently as a reference librarian at the Center for Jewish History, though I have also worked for the New York Public Library and as a librarian in Zucotti Park.

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