Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven but No One Wants to Die, co-authored by Dr. Jonathan D. Moreno and Dr. Amy Gutmann (W.W. Norton/Liveright, 2019).

The publisher describes the book thus: “An eye-opening look at the inevitable moral choices that come along with tremendous medical progress, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to Die is a primer for all Americans to talk more honestly about health care. Beginning in the 1950s when doctors still paid house calls but regularly withheld the truth from their patients, Amy Gutmann and Jonathan D. Moreno explore an unprecedented revolution in health care and explain the problem with America’s wanting everything that medical science has to offer without debating its merits and its limits. The result: Americans today pay far more for health care while having among the lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality of any affluent nation…A lucid and provocative blend of history and public policy, this urgent work exposes the American paradox of wanting to have it all without paying the price.”

Dr. Moreno is a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor in the department, and Dr. Gutmann is president of the University.