Matthew J. Hoffarth
"Building the Hive: Corporate Personality Testing, Self-Development, and Humanistic Management in Postwar America, 1945-2000" (Adviser: Tresch)

Maxwell Rogoski
"Skins of Commerce:An Epidermal Tour through American Medicine & Markets, 1900-1970" (Adviser: Aronowitz)



Nadia Berenstein
“Flavor Added: The Sciences of Flavor and the Industrialization of Food in the United States” (Adviser: Tresch)

Rosanna Dent
"Studying Indigenous Brazil: The Xavante and the Human Sciences, 1958-2015" (Adviser: Lindee)



Eram Alam
"The Care of Foreigners: A History of South Asian Physicians in the United States, 1965-2016" (Adviser: Aronowitz)

Whitney Laemmli
"The Choreography of Everyday Life: Rudolf Laban and the Making of Modern Movement" (Adviser: Tresch)

Luke Messac
"Dividends of disquiet: popular politics and economic thought in the history of government medical services in Nyasaland/Malawi, 1914-1983" (Adviser: Aronowitz)

Mary Mitchell
"Test cases: Reconfiguring American law, technoscience, and democracy in the nuclear Pacific" (Adviser: Lindee)

Lisa Ruth Rand
"Orbital Decay: Space Junk and the Environmental History of Earth’s Planetary Borderlands" (Adviser: Cowan)



Peter Sachs Collopy
"The Revolution Will Be Videotaped: Making a Technology of Consciousness in the  Long 1960s" (Adviser: Cowan)

Deanna Day
"98.6: Fever, fertility and the patient labor of American medicine" (Adviser: Aronowitz)

Rachel Elder
"Secrecy & Safety: A Cultural History of Seizures in Mid-Twentieth Century America" (Adviser: Linker)

Marissa Mika
"Research is Our Resource: Surviving Experiments and Politics at an African Cancer Institute"
 (Adviser: Feierman)

Brittany Shields
"A Mathematical Life: Richard Courant, New York University, and Scientific Diplomacy in Twentieth Century America" (Adviser: Lindee)



Erica Dwyer
"The Making of a Global Health Crisis: Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and Global Science in Rural South Africa" (Adviser: Feierman)

Samantha Muka
“Working at water’s edge: life sciences at American marine stations, 1880-1930” (Adviser: Lindee)

Tamar Novick
"Milk & Honey: Technologies of Plenty in the Making of a Holy Land, 1880-1960" (Adviser: Aronowitz)

Jason Oakes
"Managing Life: Human Biology 1918-1945" (Adviser: Lindee)

Divya Roy
"Reforming Mothers, Creating Citizens: The Politics of Women's Health and Family Planning in Colonial and Postcolonial South India" (Adviser: Feierman)


Megan Crnic
“Seeking the Salubrious Sea: the health and environments of urban American families, 1870-1930”
 (Advisers: Barnes, Linker)

Andrew Hogan
“Chromosome in the clinic: the visual localization and analysis of genetic disease in the human genome" (Adviser: Moreno)



Joanna Radin
"Life on Ice: Frozen Blood & Biological Variation in a Genomic Age, 1950-2010" (Adviser: Lindee)

Jason Schwartz
"External Factors: Advisory Committees, Regulation, and American Public Health, 1962-1999" (Adviser:Cowan)

Kristoffer Whitney
"A Knot in Common: Science, Values, and Conservation in the Atlantic Flyway" (Adviser: Lindee)



Jessica Martucci
"Feeding babies, making mothers: The science, practice and meaning of breastfeeding in the second half of the 20th century" (Adviser: Lindee)

Perrin Selcer
"Patterns of science: Developing knowledge for a world community at Unesco" (Adviser: Lindee)


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