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Spring 2019


Feb. 14th

Please join us this Thursday, February 14, in Hughes Lounge at 3:30pm for this semester’s first meeting of Science Beyond the West, “Bodies of Knowledge” with Dr. Lan A. Li.

Dr. Li is a comparative historian of the medicine and the body, as well as a filmmaker. She is currently a Presidential Scholar in Society and Neuroscience at Columbia University.

We will be reading two short pieces: “The Imagination of the Body and the History of Embodied Experience” by Shigehisa Kuriyama (2001) and “Visceral Archives of the Body” by Zeb Tortorici (2014). Both are attached to this email. We will be discussing ways of knowing the body through thought, feeling, and experience in non-Western traditions and contexts. Dr. Li will also share her insights from teaching her course for Spring 2019, “The Body in Global Histories of Medicine.”

We will have copies of the syllabus available at the meeting, as well as a schedule of upcoming Science Beyond the West events. Finally, we include a link to Dr. Li’s related curatorial project “Metaphors of Mind.”  We hope to see all of you there for what is sure to be a fascinating discussion! Snacks, fresh coffee, and Valentine’s Day treats will be served. ❤


Kuriyama Shigehisa - The Imagination of the Body and the History of Embodied Experience.pdf
Zeb Tortorici - Visceral Archives of the Body.pdf


Fall 2018

Nov. 2nd

B. Harun Küçük, "Darnton’s Cats, Bacon’s Rifle, and History of Science 101," Isis 107, no. 4 (December 2016): 793-795.

Oct. 19th

Two articles by Steven Feierman
feierman janzen sci relig.pdf

Oct. 9th

Sivin_Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Take Place in China—or Didn't It.pdf
Science Beyond the West_Fall 2018.pdf

Sept. 21

Anderson 2018. Remembering the Spread ofWestern Science.pdf 
Marwa Elshakry - 2010 - When Science Became Western Historiographical Ref.pdf