Fall 2022

HSOC 0228: Studying Sex

HSOC 2213: Herbs and Humors: Medieval and Early Modern Pharmacology

HSOC 2418: Engineering Cultures

HSOC 3279: Nutritional Modernities: Food, Science, and Health in Global Context

HSOC 3327: Birth Culture and Medical Technology

HSOC 3524: Medical Mestizaje: Health and Development in Contemporary Latin America

HSOC 3889: Trans Method

STSC 2644: Artificial Subjects: Golemsn, Homonculi, Robots, and Cyborgs


Spring 2021

HSOC 248: Health, Politics and Social Movements
HSOC 344: Disability and Epidemics
HSOC 443: Remembering Epidemics

STSC 308: Science and Spectacle
STSC 316: The Atomic Bomb (title will be changed to Global Radiation) Global Radiation STSC 316.pdf
STSC 318: Profit and Knowledge

Fall 2020

STSC 028: Medicine, Magic and Miracles
STSC 082: Sport Science in the World
STSC 140: Histories of Race and Science in Philadelphia 

HSOC 041: Cane and Able
HSOC 048: Epidemics in History
HSOC 258: Law and Medicine

Spring 2020

HSOC/STSC 409 Science and Disability
STSC 321 Weird Science

Fall 2019

HSOC 438 Objects of Global Health
HSOC 452 Race and Medicine
HSOC 459 Defining Disability (STSC 459)
STSC 178 Everyday Technologies
STSC 252 Data and Death (HSOC 252)
STSC 313 The Universe
STSC 329 CSI Global (HSOC 329)

Spring 2019

HSOC 240: Devices, Pills, People
HSOC 331: Reproductive Medicine
HSOC 358: The Human Subject
STSC 207:  Planting Empire
STSC 289: Technologies of Self and Society
STSC 381: Toxicity in Context