Health & Societies

Flagbearer: Anna Kanter
Alumni Society Prize: Will Schupmann
Society of the College Prize: Alice-Hannah Fagen
Graduating Seniors, Spring 2017: 110

Honors in HSOC

Mary Cerulli
Alice-Hannah Fagen
Cassidy Golden
Alexandra Kimmel
Katherine Senter
Will Schupmann
Randa Som
Andrea Maria Vargas Guerra
Olivia Webb

HSOC Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Shaili Babbar
Susan Landon
Jenny Markell
Will Schupmann
Rachel Simon

President’s Engagement Prize - Antoinette Zoumanigui and Selamawit Bekele

Rose Award – Alice-Hannah Fagen

Thouron Prize – Susan Landon

Senior Honors Prizes

Tunmise Fawole, HSOC '17, has received the David R. Goddard Senior Honor Award
Meredith Kline, HSOC '17, has received the William A Levi Kite & Key Society Award for Service and Scholarship
Eric Tepper, HSOC '17, is a Stephen Wise Award recipient.



Science, Technology and Society

Flagbearer: Luke Hoban
Society of the College Prize: Robert Levine
Graduating Seniors, Class of 2017: 20

Honors in STSC

Robert Levine

STSC Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Matthew Hause
Robert Levine

Senior Speaker at the College Commencement:  Ivan Sandoval