Health and Societies SAB

The HSOC Student Advisory Board is a group of students who plan and sponsor
activities and coordinate information to support the HSOC major. Past activities have
included career panels, blood drives, lectures, field trips, course fairs and social events.
New members will be chosen midyear to overlap with graduating senior members.

Congratulations to our *co-chairs for 2016-2017, Alexandra Grizos and Katherine Senter!

SAB 2016-17

Allyson Bell ‘17
My name is Allyson and I am concentrating in health care markets and finance with a minor in sociology. I chose health care markets and finance because I am primarily interested in health care management and administration, as opposed to going through the traditional pre med route. I have experience working in health insurance, specifically with Affordable Care Act and Medicare compliance, in addition to volunteering at clinics and hospitals. As a side note, I am also interested in health care education, and I am hoping that I can make a path where that is incorporated into my work. Let me know if you have any questions about HSOC, my concentration, or Penn in general!

Lois Chapla '17
My name is Lois and I am a part-time Penn student, full-time Senior Corporate Paralegal at an insurance company in Philadelphia, full-time wife and mother of three daughters. After many years working in the legal insurance community, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree as a Health and Societies Major with a concentration in Health Policy and Law here at Penn. With a combination of my experience in the insurance industry and my continued education, I hope to bridge the gap between resources available to the community and those in need, with a specific focus on Veterans and the Senior Citizens in the Philadelphia area.

Lauren Chin '18
I am a junior from Southern California concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance. Something I find extremely interesting are the various and complex approaches HSOC takes to healthcare, and hope to apply the lessons learned from these approaches in addressing both global and national health disparities. From a career perspective, I hope to eventually work in a healthcare field that allows me to address global markets and issues, although I'm still figuring out what that career is. I truly believe the HSOC community has so much to offer, and hope that you reach out with any questions or just to chat!

Mona Gizaw '18
My name is Mona Gizaw and I am concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance. I decided on this concentration because I found managerial approaches to effective care particularly interesting and applicable. I have such a variety of interests when it comes to healthcare from patient specific care to population health, and I found that this concentration provides insight on current developments in the industry. I have realized that the efficacy of patient care depends on several external non-medical factors including access to care and incentives for doctors to provide care. I hope to use the tools I have learned in the classroom and apply it to medical practice. From my experiences outside the classroom, which includes researching at CHOP and volunteering in hospitals, to questions about the HSOC major, I am open to discussing extracurricular opportunities! Please feel free to reach out! 

*Alexandra Grizos ‘17
My name is Alex and I am a Health Care Markets and Finance concentration from Villanova,PA. I realized my interest in healthcare markets and switched from pre-health track after becoming hooked on the multifaceted approaches to health care challenges. I recently spent my summer helping with policy research and look forward to applying this knowledge to a more management-oriented approach to healthcare. Though I am not entirely sure which career I want to pursue, I hope to work in the private sector. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me regarding transitioning from a pre-health track, policy research, or anything HSOC-related!

Josh Jordan '18
My name is Josh and I am concentrating in Health Policy and Law with a minor in English. While I was originally on the pre-health track, I have learned throughout my time in the HSOC major that there are so many meaningful ways to make a difference in the health of individuals outside of medicine. For the rest of my time at Penn and beyond, I hope to continue to explore law and policy and the ways that they can be manifested to improve domestic and global health outcomes. As someone who has been weaving in and out of majors and tracks my whole time at Penn before coming across HSOC, I am happy to help anyone who is trying to find the right path for them, so definitely reach out if this sounds like you.

Khristian Monterroso '18
My name is Khristian Monterroso and I am a junior concentrating in Health Policy & Law. I am currently on the pre-med track. I hope to pursue an MD/MPH in the future and combine policy work and medical practice. I want to work toward addressing the health disparities that current health policies produce and influence future legislation that impacts traditionally marginalized communities. The HSOC coursework, in addition to the Health Policy & Law concentration, has contributed to my interdisciplinary approach to current health problems. I have worked with organizations to research and address these problems during my years here at Penn. The Student Advisory Board events are a great place to connect with other HSOC students and share all creative interests. I hope to talk about anything with anyone who is interested in the major! Or about stuff at Penn in general!

Talia Moss ‘17
My name is Talia Moss and I am a junior in the College studying the History of Medicine. I chose this concentration, and the HSOC major, because it allows me to combine my interests in history and health. I find that the history of medicine provides insight into the day-to-day lives of people and offers a unique perspective to cultural history. I hope to help spread the word about the new History of Medicine concentration and to help provide HSOC students with opportunities to get involved with the major outside of the classroom. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the major or my concentration!

*Katherine Senter ‘17
My name is Katherine Senter, and I am a junior concentrating in Health Policy and Law, with minors in psychology and Hispanic studies. Since I grew up on a farm in Tennessee but also love Philly, I am interested in rural and urban health disparities, particularly relating to mental health. I hope to pursue graduate school in social work or public health--probably social work because I want to promote health on the individual level but also have opportunities to impact policy. I chose the policy concentration for its interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. My research experiences include community diabetes prevention, health data analytics, sleep and chronobiology, and adolescent mental health. I hope that as an HSOCcommunity we can celebrate and collaborate in our diverse backgrounds, interests, and visions.

Puja Upadhyay '17
My name is Puja and I’m a senior concentrating in Healthcare Markets and Finance. I’m interested in health policy and hospital administration, and I quickly realized that both of these go hand in hand. I currently work as a strategy and communications intern at CHOP’s PolicyLab; my main tasks involve helping to translate interdisciplinary research in a way that can lead to program and policy changes at both institutional and governmental levels. I’m also interested in public health, particularly in public health interventions that work to address health disparities, and I hope to pursue a Master’s in public health one day. The HSOC major allows me to seamlessly combine all of my interests and I’m excited to work with HSOC SAB to make the major an even more fulfilling experience. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat! 


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