Monday workshop
Monday, April 24, 2017 - 3:30pm

337 Cohen Hall

Senior Symposium 2017

Senior Honors Thesis Presentations

Health & Societies

Mary Cerulli
“Go Ask the Midwife: Professional Identity in Cape Town, South Africa”
(Adviser: Dr. Kimberly Trout)

Hannah Fagen
“The Happiest Place in the Hospital: Newborn Nurseries in American Hospitals, A History”
(Adviser: Dr. Meghan Crnic)

Cassidy Golden
“The Mother in the NICU”
(Adviser: Dr. Renee Fox)

Alexandra Kimmel
“Medicalizing Meditation: The Incorporation of Buddhist Practice into the American Clinic, 1960-2000”
(Adviser: Dr. Beth Linker)

Will Schupmann
“Public Schools as a Loci for Human Experimentation”
(Adviser: Dr. Jonathan Moreno)

Katherine Senter
“The Life Cycles of Health Ministries”
(Adviser: Dr. Rosemary Frasso)

Randa Som
"Re-Imaging Transgender Health Care: Affirming and Promoting Optimal Evidence-Based Transgender Health Care" 
(Adviser: Dr. Lance Wahlert)

Andrea Maria Vargas Guerra
‘“Latinos Don’t Look After Each Other”: The Social Cohesion of Latin American Immigrants in North Carolina’ 
(Adviser: Dr. David Barnes)

Olivia Webb
“Voiceless: The Construction of Homelessness Policies, 1980-2016”
(Adviser: Dr. Andria Johnson)

Science, Technology & Society

Robert Levine
“Modern Architecture and Ideology: Modernism as a Political Took in Sweden and the Soviet Union”  (
Adviser: Dr. Adelheid Voskuhl)