We encourage STSC majors to study abroad.  The STSC major does not operate its own programs; students should link to Penn Abroad for information on specific programs and the process of applying.

How many courses from study abroad can count toward the STSC Major?
  • Up to two courses relevant to the topic of the submajor and to STSC can be accepted for credit in the major.
  • Courses from study abroad count toward the submajor only, not as department electives or core requirements.  (There are occasionally some exceptions, known as precedents, in which a course from a foreign program has been approved as equivalent to an STSC course that meets a core or department requirement.)
  • Courses must be submitted to XCat and approved by the department in order to count for the STSC major.

How do courses from abroad get onto the transcript?

  • All courses from abroad will appear on the transcript as STSC 298, unless they have been approved to substitute for a specific course in the STSC curriculum or as a free elective for the General Requirement.
  • After being submitted to XCat, and approved by the department, they are approved by the College and then by the Registrar, and they appear on the transcript when the institution abroad sends the grades.

STSC majors interested in studying abroad should carefully plan how and when to fulfill their core major requirements and department electives at Penn before and after being abroad.  For example, going abroad in spring of junior year precludes being able to write a senior thesis because the student will be unable to take STSC 400.