Students in this submajor explore the interaction between the natural world and the human built world. Energy is one of the primary areas where this interaction between environment and technology occurs

ENT Pre-Approved Courses

ANTH 260  Cultures of Science and Technology
BIOL 240   Ecology: from individuals to ecosystems
EAS 401     Energy and Its Impacts
EAS 402     Renewable Energy
ENVS 404   Urban Environment: Lead
GRMN 239  Sustainability and Utopia
PHYS 016   Energy, Oil and Global Warming
STSC 168   Environment and Society
STSC 169   Engineering Planet Earth
STSC 179   Environmental History
STSC 231   Insect Epidemiology
STSC 272   Energy in America
STSC 279   Nature's Nation
STSC 379   Animals in Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 436   Biopiracy
URBS 290   Metropolitan Nature

The content of this list is reviewed at least once a year.  If a course that a student took as an STSC major and applied to their major credits is taken off the list, it still counts toward the major.  However, if the student was not an STSC major at the time the course was taken, then it does not automatically count toward the major.

June 2015