What Counts as an STSC Elective?

The HSS faculty provide a distinct critical perspective on science, technology and medicine.
Department courses provide students with training in that perspective.  

These courses fulfill the STSC electives/department courses requirement of 7 electives for the major, or 4 for the minor. 

HSOC 0311: Addiction
HSOC 0313: Cane and Able
HSOC 0387: Epidemics in History
HSOC 1330: Bioethics
HSOC 1401: The People's Health
HSOC 2183: Stem Cells, Science and Society
HSOC 2213: Herbs and Humors: Medieval and Early Modern Pharmacology
HSOC 2303: Fundamentals of Epidemiology
HSOC 2304: Insect Epidemiology
HSOC 2457: History of Bioethics
HSOC 2514: Environments and Public Health
HSOC 2518: Devices, Pills, People
HSOC 2523: Technology and Medicine in Modern America
HSOC 2537: Gender and Health
HSOC 3313: Reproductive Medicine
HSOC 3327: Birth Culture and Medical Technology
HSOC 3356: The Human Subject
HSOC 3447: Disabilities and Epidemics
HSOC 3803: Bodies and Borders: Health, Place and Displacement
HSOC 4000-level capstones
PHIL 1810: Philosophy of Space and Time
STSC 0100: Emergence of Modern Science (HSOC 0100)
STSC 0228: Studying Sex
STSC 0280: Medicine, Magic, Miracles
STSC 0400: Medicine in History (HSOC 0400)
STSC 0490: Comparative Medicine (HSOC 0490)
STSC 0600: Technology and Society (HSOC 0600)
STSC 0823: Sport Science in the World
STSC 1101: Science and Literature
STSC 1120: Science, Technology and Warfare
STSC 1151: Modern Biology and Social Implication
STSC 1201: Darwin’s Legacy
STSC 1600: Information Age
STSC 1761: Nature and the City: Place, Memory and Environment
STSC 1788: Everyday Technologies
STSC 1880: Environment and Society
STSC 1897: Intro to Environmental History
STSC 2018: Science in the Public
STSC 2080: Science and Religion
STSC 2097: Race & Gender in Global Science
STSC 2186: Climate Change
STSC 2198: Race, Science and Globalization
STSC 2202: Advanced Journalistic Writing: Science, Technology and Society (ENGL 3414)
STSC 2296: Technologies of Self and Society
STSC 2418: Engineering Cultures
STSC 2421: Manufacturing Minds: From Babbage to ChatGPT
STSC 2607: Cyberculture
STSC 2644: Artificial Subjects: Golems, Homonculi, Robots, and Cyborgs
STSC 2707: Data and Death
STSC 2708: Digital Democracy
STSC 2757: Prove It!: Mathematics and Certainty 
STSC 2829: Nature's Nation: Americans and Their Environment
STSC 3028: Normal People
STSC 3087: Science and Spectacle: Seeing is Believing
STSC 3097: Indigeneity in Health, Science and Technology (HSOC 357)
STSC 3136: Queer Science
STSC 3145: The Universe: Historical Inquiries in Physics, Philosophy and Religious Belief
STSC 3147: Scientific Instruments and the Making of Knowledge
STSC 3167: Global Radiation History: Living in the Atomic Age 1945-Present
STSC 3183: Profit and Knowledge
STSC 3216: Toxicity in Context
STSC 3217: Weird Science
STSC 3247: Why Not Magic?: Magic, Esoterica, and the Occult in the History of Science
STSC 3279: Nutritional Modernities
STSC 3288: What is Prediction?
STSC 3299: CSI Global: History of Forensic Science
STSC 3334: Hybrid Science: Nature, Health and Society in Latin America
STSC 3607: Data Dreams
STSC 3627: Waters, Roads and Wires
STSC 3657: Technology and Democracy
STSC 3708: Many lives of Data
STSC 3709: Rifle and Compass
STSC 3766: Cultures of Surveillance (ANTH 3766)
STSC 3824 - Animals in Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 3923 - Animals in America 
STSC 4000-level capstones


Updated 06/07/2023