What Counts as an STSC Elective?

The HSS faculty provide a distinct critical perspective on science, technology and medicine.
Department courses provide students with training in that perspective.  

These courses (and only these courses) fulfill the STSC electives/department courses requirement of 7 electives for the major, or 4 for the minor.


STSC 001 Emergence of Modern Science (HSOC 001)
STSC 002 Medicine in History (HSOC 002)
STSC 003 Technology and Society (HSOC 003)
STSC 028 Medicine, Magic, Miracles
STSC 082 Sport Science in the World

STSC 110 Science and Literature
STSC 123 Darwin’s Legacy
STSC 135 Modern Biology and Social Implication
STSC 140 Histories of Race and Science in Philadelphia
STSC 145 Comparative Medicine (HSOC 145)
STSC 160 Information Age
STSC 162 Technology and Medicine in Modern America (HSOC 152)
STSC 168 Environment and Society
STSC 178 Everyday Technologies
STSC 179 Down to Earth: Intro to Environmental History


STSC 208 Science and Religion
STSC 209 Race & Gender in Global Science
STSC 212 Science, Technology and Warfare
STSC 218 Climate Change
STSC 219 Race, Science and Globalization
STSC 252 Data and Death
STSC 260 Cyberculture

STSC 263 Arrtificial Subjects: Golems, Homonculi, Robots, and Cyborgs

STSC 270 Digital DemocracySTSC 278 Prove It! 
STSC 279 Nature's Nation
STSC 289 Technologies of Self and Society


STSC 308 Science and Spectacle
STSC 309 Rifle and Compass
STSC 313 The Universe
STSC 316 The Atomic Bomb
STSC 318 Profit and Knowledge
STSC 321 Weird Science

STSC 323 Scientific Instruments and the Making of Knowledge
STSC 328 What is Prediction?
STSC 329 CSI Global: History of Forensic Science

STSC 331 Queer Science
STSC 338 Hybrid Science: Nature, Health and Society in Latin America

STSC 347 Why Not Magic?: Magic, Esoterica, and the Occult in the History of Science

STSC 357 Indigeneity in Health, Science and Technology (HSOC 357)
STSC 360 Data Dreams
STSC 362 Waters, Roads and Wires
STSC 363 Technology and Democracy
STSC 370 Many lives of Data
STSC 379  Animals in Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 381 Toxicity in Context

ENGL 158 Advanced Journalistic Writing: Science, Technology and Society (STSC 118)
PHIL 026 Philosophy of Space and Time  (STSC 026)

HSOC 031 Addiction
HSOC 041 Cane and Able
HSOC 048 Epidemics in History

HSOC 102 Bioethics
HSOC 112 The People's Health
HSOC 140 History of Bioethics
HSOC 152 Technology and Medicine in Modern America

HSOC 216 Gender and Health
HSOC 230 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
HSOC 231 Insect Epidemiology
HSOC 240 Devices, Pills, People
HSOC 241 Stem Cells, Science and Society
HSOC 262 Environments and Public Health

HSOC 331 Reproductive Medicine
HSOC 344 Disabilities and Epidemics
HSOC 358 The Human Subject


STSC 409 Science and Disability
STSC 411 Sport Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 482 Invisible Labor
HSOC 433 Remembering Epidemics
HSOC 436 Biopiracy
HSOC 438 Objects of Global Health
HSOC 448 Bodies, Gender, Science and Medicine
HSOC 452 Race and Medicine in America
HSOC 454 Military Medicine and Technology
HSOC 458 Environments and Health
HSOC 459 Defining Disability
HSOC 462 Seeking Health



Updated 08.26.21