1) When is my thesis due?

The thesis is due no later than the last day of the fall exam period term 
     Submit your thesis to your advisor This should be the penultimate (last but one) draft of your thesis.  The only things that should remain to be done to this version is minor tweaking of the text and correct formatting of the thesis for printing, e.g. correct formats for foot- and end-notes, bibliography, margins, proofreading, etc.

2) How long is a thesis and in what format?

We expect that the thesis will fall between 40 and 80 pages (10,000-20,000 words) and be in the format of a standard research essay or journal article in STS.

2) To whom do I submit the thesis?

To your thesis advisor.

3) Who grades my thesis?

Your primary thesis advisor.  If you are working with two advisors, or if there are other advisors involved in the thesis process, they may be asked to read the thesis as well and consult with the primary advisor on the grade.

4) When is the final printed version of the thesis due?

This is due by February 1st (submit to the Associate Director) 
Polish the final draft with correct formatting of notes, bibliography, margins, title pages, pagination, etc., proof read it, and have several copies inexpensively printed and bound. [One copy goes to the department; you may give one copy to your advisor; you might want a few copies for yourself and to show to a future employer/admissions officer, etc.]

5) How does 498 count in the major?

HSOC 498 can be used as a concentration or submajor elective.

6) When is Senior Symposium?

Senior Symposium for thesis writers is held during reading period at the end of spring term.   (Spring 2015 on May 1st)  It is required for all senior thesis writers and is the final step of getting honors in the major.  (There are no exemptions.)

The format is a lightning round followed by a poster reception.

  • Each candidate gives 3-5 minute summary of their project to the audience of faculty, students, family, friends and other thesis writers.
  • Each candidate displays the research poster based on their thesis at the following reception.

7) How does HSOC 498 count in the major?

HSOC 498 can be used as a concentration elective or possibly as a department elective.

8) What costs will I incur as an honors candidate?

There are no books to purchase for 498, but candidates will incur these costs:

  • printing and binding of the thesis (January)
  • printing of the research poster (April)

Candidates may incur research costs, and should discuss funding sources with the STSC Chair or Associate Director.