Prospective applicants to Penn who are interested in our undergraduate programs should first email the relevant program chair before visiting the department.  Any and all appointments with chairs or other faculty to discuss courses or program depend on faculty schedules and must be arranged individually.

The websites for HSOC and STSC contain detailed information about those programs, and we recommend that prospective students explore them thoroughly in advance of their visit or any appointments with faculty.

HSOC - Dr. David Barnes (dbarnes@sas)
STSC -  Dr. Etienne Benson (ebenson@sas)
Associate Director for STSC & HSOC - Dr. Ann Greene (angreene@sas)

The most appropriate classes for prospective students to visit are the lecture classes listed on the College of Arts and Sciences Course List for Visitors.  Because of field trips and exams, all students should check first with the instructor to see if the day they plan to visit is actually a good day to see the class in action. If a student very much wants to visit a freshman seminar or other seminar class, they must email the instructor for permission.  Due to the character of seminars, these classes may not be well-suited for observation and participation. 

GRADUATE PROGRAM APPLICANTS should contact the Graduate Chair.