"It's so great that I can still get support from the amazing Penn HSOC network even after graduating, and I feel truly fortunate to be a part of it." (2007 grad)

The best answer to the question, "What can I do with an HSOC major?" is to look at what HSOC graduates have done and are doing.  HSOC alums are happy to talk with current HSOC majors about their work and career path.  Read these alumni notes and ask Dr. Greene if there is someone you would like to contact.

Gabriela Abrishamian-Garcia '12 is a third year medical student at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Sabrina Aggarwal '08 works or Weber Shandwick in their dna Communications division.

Sarah Akkina '10 is completing medical school at the University of Michigan and also a master's of science in clinical research.

Zaineb Alhassani '14 is starting a 2-year postbac program at Thomas Jefferson University. 

Matt Amalfitano '11 will be working for Nomura Securities in NYC.

Bhargavi Ammu '13 is a program analyst in the Office of HIV/AIDS at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). "I'm happy to talk to folks who are interested in global health and the government."

Monica Amoo-Achampong '12 has returned from her Fullbright Scholarship in Ghana, and is finishing pre-med courses at Rutgers, and applying for jobs in New York City for her gap year.

Kelms Amoo-Achampong '09 is at Mount Sinai Medical School.

Kent Amoo-Achampong '11 is at Penn Medical School.

Patricia Mahoney Anaya '04 spent a year in Paraguay doing nonprofit work, similar to that of the peace corps, spent two years working on an NIH grant out of the PENN med school, and is currently in medical school in Spain.

Susan Anderson '12 is coordinating projects as part of the centralized intake team at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. HSOC is very relevant background for what I do and I'm very happy to talk with HSOC majors!

Emily Ashton '15 is working for Deloitte as a consultant in their Life Science and Healthcare department.

Deelan Ayhan '14 is a Princeton in Asia public health fellow in Cambodia.

Shaili Babbar '17 is entering the NYU School of Medicine in fall 2017.

Mark Haonan Bai ’16 works in Chicago for Heidrick & Struggles as a Business Analyst in their Associate Development Program.

Sheriza Baksh '07 graduated with an MPH from Boston University in 2009.

Zayna Bakizada '15 is entering George Washington University medical school in the fall of 2017.

Cristian Barrios '11 is the clinic flow coordinator at the Penn Memory Center.

Madeline Basist '15 is going to medical school at Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine.

Selamawit Bekele '17 will be in Senegal working on implementing Project Y.V.E.T.A, an agricultural and literacy school, the project for which she won the President's Engagement Prize in 2017.

Josh Belfer '12 is entering the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Allyson Bell '17 is working as an implementation associate for Phreesia, a health tech company in New York City.

Maria Bellantoni '12 is entering the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine as an officer in the U.S. Public Health Service.

Olga Belyanina '17 working as a Venture Capital Analyst at Touchdown Ventures.

Sinead Benyaminov '14 is taking a gap year before attending dental school, working in a practice and a research lab

Ronald Berkowsky '08 spent a year working as a clinical research coordinator for the University of Pennsylvania Health System before enrolling in the PhD program in Medical Sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is currently working on a research project examining the effects information and communication technologies have on the quality of life of older individuals living in independent/assisted living facilities.

Jill Berman '11 has a full-time position at GBCHealth (formerly an internship) in the membership department. 

Danielle Bernstein '14 is attending Bank Street College of Education for a master's in special and general education.

Pratima Bhattacharyya '12 is an Advisory Associate in the Health Industries sector at Price Waterhouse Coopers in New York,

Elena Blebea '10 is completing anMPH at Columbia University.

Emma Biegacki '15 is working as the Program Coordinator for the Ryan White Program in Jefferson University Hospital's Infectious Disease Division. This is a grant-funded program that enables the provision of medical care and counseling to individuals who are HIV+ and without medical insurance.

Julie Bittar '16 is starting medical school at Indiana University in August 2016.

Alison Block '14 is doing Teach for America in San Jose, California.

Sirisha Bonda '15 is now a Program Associate at the American International Health Alliance in Washington, DC.

Alyssa Bonnell '14 will enter Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the fall of 2017, and also remains involved with public health work.  "Without a doubt, my HSOC education is why my interest in public health, history and sociology persist to this day."

Mackenzie Bortner '17 is a strategy business analyst at Humana.

Michael Broder '14 has a Fulbright study grant to conduct public health research in Guatemala for 2014-2015.

Allison Brodsky '14 Before heading to medical school Allison is working for CaDifference, a startup linkage-to-care program for Hepatitis C and simultaneously a research project. "The goal is to see where on a care continuum hepatitis C patients drop off and stop receiving treatment. Through this research, better strategies will be formed to help ensure that those with HepC get treatment and reach a cured-state. I will be testing patients in the field on a mobile clinic, assisting in patient navigation to finding a sub-specialist, and doing research on where patients are dropping out in order to provide light on what needs to be improved for care programs."

Monica Burnett '08 is pursuing a Masters at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Health, Behavior and Society Department, with an emphasis on Health Communication and Health Education.

Lorel Burns '11 is studying at NYU College of Dentistry.

Emily Buzzell '07 After a year in Americorps ("one of the best experiences of my life") Emily earned an M.A. in demography (2009) and an MPH (2010) from UC Berkeley.  She now works in Washington DC as a service coordinator on an Assertive Community Treatment Team at Pathways to Housing, an organization that provides housing and services to chronically homeless people with mental illnesses.

Lucia Calthorpe ’16 is a Gates Scholar at Cambridge University in the UK.

Carlos Camona '17 is pursuing an MPH at Penn.

Ella Campbell '08 working in Corporate Communications at Regeneron in New York after working in bioethics and health communications for nearly a decade.

Michelle Cassidy '07 has finished her first year as a medical student at the University of Washington (Seattle). This summer, she is researching and undertaking a community health project in a small Wyoming town as part of her medical school's Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program (R/UOP).

Nellie Catzen '13 is a Fox Leadership Fellow in New Orleans for the 2013-14, working as the assistant to the VP of Catholic Charities at the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Carey Celata '16 attends graduate school in global health at Georgetown University.

Andrea Cestaro Sharkey '10  is pursuing a Masters in Public Health Nutrition at NYU after spending 5 years working as a consultant at IMS Health.

Carolyn Chen '13 will be working in New York as an Analyst at IMS Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

Ke Chen '10 is a financial analyst for Microsoft Corporation.

Andrea Cheung '12 is in dental school in Cork, Ireland.

Caitlin Chin '12 is Program Coordinator for Back on My Feet Philadelphia.

Caroline Cilio '15 is pursuing a Masters of Bioethics at Penn.

Aaron Cohen '08 graduated from Penn Med in 2012, and is an oncology fellow at HUP and in the masters of science and epidemiology program at Penn.

Rachel Conrad '08 is finishing medical school and applying for residencies in psychiatry. She has also been publishing her writing.

Ryan Constantine '13 will be doing research at UT Southwestern in Dallas and applying to medical school.  

Grace Conway '14 is an analyst for IMS Consulting Group in San Francisco.

John Cook '17 is a Life Science Analyst for ClearView Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting firm, located in New York City.

Kayla Costello ’13 is completing an MPH at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health. 

Georgette Cox '06 stayed Penn for a master's degree in Social Work (MSW '08), and is now a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Department of Health, Behavior, and Society. She writes, "Much of what I was introduced to as an undergrad is very applicable to the type of research I plan on conducting."

Jennifer Da '16 is an Analyst at QuintilesIMS, a healthcare consulting firm.

Nikita Dabas '08 is living in Miami and applying to medical school.

Daisy Daeschler '14 is an intern at Doctors without Borders, working for their Vaccine Access Campaign. 

Bernadette D'Alonzo '15 graduated from the MPH program at Penn and is working as a research coordinator in the Penn CCEB (Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics) and the SpaceTimeEpi lab.  " I'm always happy to talk with any interested HSOC students if they have questions about the MPH!"

Nikila Dandapani '14 is a management consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, while also pursuing a MS in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University.

Anup Das '10 is in the MD/PhD program at the University of Michigan pursuing a PhD in Health Services Organization and Policy.

Kelsey Dashiell '09 is doing volunteer work at a health clinic in Peru through a program called Awamaki. 

Janan Dave '14 is working at a local health startup in Philadelphia, TowerView Health, as Director of Client Accounts. 

Sonya Davey '14 is studying in Cambridge, UK on a Gates fellowship.

Mackenzie Davis '15 is attending a premedical postbac program at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.

Juna Dawson-Murray '11 is studying environmental law at Pace University Law School.

Allie Dayno '15 is in the Temple Post-bac premedical program (and then hopefully Temple Med School starting in August 2016).

Mardieh Dennis '09 is a PhD student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine specializing in health systems & maternal and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jasmine DeSliva ’16 works at the Advisory Board Company in DC as a research analyst.

Fabiola Diaz-Vera '15 is going to the University of Puerto Rico Law School to study Health Law.

Lan Dinh '11 is currently an Americorps "Public Ally" at Eagle Rock School (ERS) and Professional Development Center in Estes Park, Colorado. "At ERS, I am the "Society and Cultures" Teaching Fellow at a year-round, residential, and full-scholarship school that enrolls young people ages 15-17 from around the United States in an innovative learning program with national recognition."

Madeline Dopico '13 is a sales associate at ZocDoc.

Rahima Dosani '09 After managing an HIV Systems program in Malawi and a TB program in Myanmar for the Clinton Foundation, Rahima is working on her MBA at Harvard Business School and then looking to do an MPH either at Harvard or Hopkins.

Ilana Dreyfuss '14 is in the Executive Development program at Bloomingdales.

Christina Duczakowski ’07  works at CVS Health.

Rebecca Duffin '14 is a fellow with the Horseshoe Farm Project.

Sofia Duque '15 is a Fulbright Scholar doing women's health research in Gaborone, Botswana.

Alissa Eisenberg '10 works in strategic relations at BlackRock asset management.

Nancy Ejuma '07 works as a data Program Manager for the DC Government. "My work in local government requires that I support the executive management team in making data-driven decisions. HSOC taught me to evaluate data holistically and critically so one can tell the most accurate story possible. Being a Health and Societies major meant taking a wide variety of courses. I studied everything from international law, statistics and economics to anthropology, psychology and neuroscience. I was exposed to such a wide variety of philosophies and ideas that I drawn upon to make day-to-day decisions in my work. Whether I am reviewing data in the special education, mental health, or criminal justice divisions, I always find myself drawing on something I learned in the classroom at Penn. Municipal management is a field that requires the ability to view issues from multiple lenses, and HSOC more than prepared me for doing that in the real world."

Christine Eklund '09 attends the University of Cincinnati medical school, and is working on a research project called Healthy Kids 2010, which is a local effort to tackle childhood obesity.

Michal Elias-Bachrach '13 has a dual masters degree in social work and public health from The Ohio State University, and is working as a social worker at the Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition at Nationwide Children's Hospital (the local pediatric hospital in Columbus, Ohio).

Reni Ellis '12 received her MPH in Health Policy and Management from Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health in 2015, and is now a consultant at Manatt Health. She works with healthcare stakeholders across a range of key issues, with a focus on Medicaid policy and delivery system reform.

Shira Epstein '07 received a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School in May 2010.  She chaired the Health Policy Professional Interest Council and spent summer 2009 working on the health care reform legislation for Senator Mikulski's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Staff.  She is now at Georgetown Law School and will spend the upcoming summer with the Attorney General for Maryland on implementing the new health care legislation and on programs to keep Marylanders healthy.

Patrick Ercole '05 completed an MPH at Saint Louis University (2007) and now works at SLU as a research analyst involved with transplantation outcomes and cost research. He is also a doctoral student in Public Health and expects to finish in 2010. In addition, he is involved in forming a a non-profit organization geared at building a hospital in a remote area of rural Honduras.

Rogette Esteve '06 worked as a research assistant after graduation, and is now in a post-bac program in Boston and applying to medical school.

Bianca Faccio '14 is a research assistant on reproductive health with Child Trends in Bethesda, MD.

Hannah Fagen '17 is in a postbac program at Bryn Mawr preparing to apply to medical school.

Megan Falls '14 is working as a medical scribe and applying to medical school.

Irtiqa Fazili '17 is ttending medical school at the University of Tennessee as a Merit Scholarship recipient.

Jordyn Feingold '15 is getting a Master's of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Penn with plans  to go to medical school the following year. She is working in the positive psych realm (particularly clinical positive psychology /psychiatry) as the basis of her future medical career.

Paula Mello Ferber '15 working as a consultant in the life sciences division of Navigant Consulting in New York.

Briana Flynn ’16 is a a Program Associate for Invest Health, an initiative of Reinvestment Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Maureen Flynn ’16 is with Teach for America in Chicago.

Markley Foreman '09 graduated from Georgetown University Law Center and is  working at a law firm in Denver, Colorado focusing on transactional work.

Jasmine Fournier '08 is in New Orleans working for the Health Department, administering a grant for HIV treatment services. She was quoted in a recent story on NPR about strategies for revitalizing New Orleans. She writes, "Social cohesion has everything to do with HSOC! Sidewalks, public transportation and safe streets are public health. I really do believe that healthy neighborhoods create healthy people (trees, walkable sidewalks etc.)."

Christine Frauenhoffer '04 works at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Gastrointestinal Oncology.

Andrew Gaffney '10 is Legal Assistant in the Online Product Legal Support team at Google Inc.  Lots of technology and society issues to deal with!  

Kristian Garcia '16 just finished the first year at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health as an MPH student in the epidemiology department.

Mia Garuccio '14 is currently working in pharmaceutical consulting in NYC.

Sarah Gearhart '10 is a research coordinator at the Penn's Women's Health Clinical Research Center.

Chloe Getrajdman ’16 attends Mount Sinai Medical School.

Carissa Gilbert '15 is pursuing a MSc in International Health Management at Imperial College London.

Nancy Wanjiru Githere '15 is submatriculating in the Penn MPH program.

Vera Goldberg '11 will graduate from Harvard Medical School and start Pediatric Residency at UCSF in the Pediatric Leadership for the UnderServed (PLUS) program in June 2017. “I am so grateful to have majored in Health & Societies. The major was a very important part of shaping who I am today.”

William Goldhirsch '13 is a Research Associate at Strategic Research Insights (SRI)

Victoria Goldman '14 is a crisis advocate at Women Organize Against Rape.

Katie Goldrath '12 After participating in the Fox Leadership Fellowship in New Orleans doing public health non-profit work, Katie is now a medical student at the University of Michigan with plans to pursue a dual MD/MPH degree.

Allyson Gordon'10 works at the equities cash trading desk at Barclay's Capital in NYC.

Liza Goodspeed '17 is an analyst at Accenture Strategy.

Bianca Grecu '07 is in her second year at Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia. "I'm involved in an international health group called JeffHEALTH. We work in Rwanda with Rwandan medical students (who monitor our projects throughout the year) in 2 different villages to teach teachers, start income generating projects, and and work to increase the health and well being of the villagers. I spend 4 weeks there this past summer, continuing old projects, and setting up new ones. During my trip, I also got to visit the Rwinkwavu hospital which is run by PIH, and a few of the other hospitals in Kigali. I was also lucky enough to run into Paul Farmer at a restaurant."

Ellis (Ellie) Grimes '17 is a Fox Fellow through the Robert Fox Fellowship Program through Penn in New Orleans for the next year. The fellowship will be with the organization Catholic Charities and it will involve work in the non-profit sector. Alexandra Grizos '17 will study in Dusseldorf for summer 2017 on a Ruhr Fellowship, and then will work in Washington, DC as a consultant for IBM.

Maryellen Guinan '05 worked in the Department of Health Policy at Jefferson after graduation, and in May 2009 completed a JD in Health Law at the Drexel University Earle Mack School of Law.

Emma Gugerty '17 is working as a Health Coach for the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers. Her  placement site is at the Urban Health Institute through Cooper University Hospital.

Annie Guo '15 is working at the Logistics Management Institute as a Health Policy Analyst.

Ben Guzik '14 is working as a Health and Benefits Analysts for Mercer in NYC.

Grace Ha '12 is getting a Masters in Medical Sciences at Boston University.

Peter Ha '11 spent a gap year traveling around Asia and working for Impact Investment Exchange Asia, a Singapore-based social enterprise. He is now at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Faith Hahn '17 is working in investment banking on a healthcare team.

Andrea Harris '10 completed her MSPH in Health Policy at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is working on an MBA at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business while working at the MITRE Corporation. "I have realized how important the work I did within HSOC was in shaping my career: Penn really was where I fell in love with public health.

Emily Hart '13 is an Intellectual Property Associate Attorney at McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC in Harrisburg, PA where she primarily practices trademark and copyright law. 

Rebecca Hayes '14 is a paralegal with Shearman and Sterling in New York City.

Mary Heida '15 is with Teach for America in a middle school in the Rio Grande valley of Texas.

Ruby Hickman '17 is a Postgraduate Associate on a clinical epidemiological study on the environmental causes of Essential Tremor at Yale School of Medicine.

Jana Hirsch '10 completed her doctorate in social epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, did a post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill, and was Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, and is now a Research Assistant Professor in the Urban Health Collaborative (Dornsife School of Public Health).

Jessica Ho '09 is a doctoral candidate in Democracy and Sociology at Penn.

Rebecca Hobble '13 is an analyst for the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at Penn since 2014.

Kate Holbrook '05 worked in public health research for 3 years before returning to school for an RN to Master's program at UCSF. She is now an RN and in the masters portion of her program with a specialty in Advanced Community Health and International Nursing. "I feel like the program I'm in is a continuation of my work as an undergrad and I'm forever grateful for the amazing education I received in the HSOC program at Penn."

Dara Holder '08 is at Columbia Medical School.

Michelle L Holshue '07 (NURS '09) is now a Lieutenant in the US Public Health Service. I'm stationed at the National Institutes of Health, where I work as a Clinical Research Nurse, focusing on infectious diseases. She writes, "I encourage any alumni interested in the NIH or Public Health Service to contact me!"

Brena Hong '17 is taking a gap year and applying to grad schools for MPH/MSW dual degree.

Ashley Hopkins '09 got her MPH at Yale, worked at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore as a program coordinator in the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, and in the private sector, and now works at HUP.

Thomas Hou '09 graduated from Columbia Law School, and is in his fourth year with Covington and Burling in New York City, doing finance, mergers and acquisitions and a lot of work involving life sciences companies.  He is married with a new son named Aidan.  Thomas is happy to talk to HSOC students about HSOC and his work!

Jhamirah Howard '07 writes: I received my MPH in 2009 from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. I have been working as a policy analyst for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation as part of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured since fall of 2009. I work on issues related to long-term care financing. I recently accepted a position (starting in July) at the US Dept of Health and Human Services in the office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) where I will be a social science analyst with their Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Programs group. (DALTCP).

Alan Hsu '09 was a Philly Fellow at the Philadelphia Eagles Youth Partnership and then attended medical school.

Connie Hua '14 is an analyst for Deloitte Consulting in New York City.

Emily Huang '10 is attending UCLA medical school.

Kasey Hutcheson '17 is doing health care consulting at Triage Consulting Group.

Kendra Hypolite '12 is a research assistant in the Mixed Methods Research Lab at Penn and is starting work on her Masters in Social Work at the School of Social Policy and Practice at Penn in fall 2014.

Nick Iacobelli '08 is pursuing an MD/PhD in medical anthropology at Penn.

Jose Ibarra '17 is completing an MPH and applying for PhD programs in Epidemiology. 

Mickey Ibia '13 is a fourth year medical student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and applying to Emergency Medicine residency programs in the fall of 2017.

Semi Ibikunle '15 is working in sales and marketing for GSK as part of their future leaders program.

Anthony D. Jiang '11 is applying to medical school, volunteer at Children's Memorial Hospital, doing clinical research, and perhaps traveling to China and Europe this year.

Connie Jiang, '12 worked for 4 years at HUP as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Department of Rheumatology, and is completing the first year of medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She will be graduating in the class of 2020 from PCOM/

Yunica Jiang '13 works for GlaxoSmithKline as an associate in commercial procurement.

Milenka Jean-Baptiste '05 has been in NYC doing HIV work in many capacities, and is currently serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in SA.

Alison Jegla '16 is with the Lewin Group.

Grace Jemison ’16 is a fellow with Venture for America.

Masha Jones '11  - finishing up my intern year in Internal Medicine (Primary Care Track) at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell. It flew by! Two more years of residency to go, and then hoping to work in primary care as well as doing some community health work. I'm working on research related to healthcare fragmentation as well as patient education.

Robyn Jordan '12 completed a post-bacc program at American University and is now at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health where she is pursuing an MPH in Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics, and will then apply to medical school.  

Elizabeth Joseph '15  is a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English and sexual health in Lesotho, Southern Africa. 

John-Paul Julien '11 is doing health consulting for Mercer.

Olivia Kachingwe '13 is completing an MPH at Brown University's School of Public Health.

Rachel Kadakia '06is completing her last year of medical school at Drexel University College of Medicine and applying for a residency in Pediatrics. During the 2007-2008 school year, she was a Greater Philadelphia Albert Schweitzer Fellow. During that year, she helped patients with severe and potentially life threatening medical conditions at Philadelphia's Chinatown Clinic obtain health insurance through Pennsylvania Medicaid's Emergency Medical Assistance Program.

Samantha Kahn ’16 is with the Lewin Group, a health policy consulting company in DC.

Xiang Linda Kang '12 is in a doctoral program at the Penn School of Nursing.

Mounika Kanneganti '17 will be a med student at the University of Pennsylvania in fall 2017.

Sarah Katzin '15 is attending the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Caroline Kee '15 is an editorial intern at BuzzFeed.

Alyssa Kennedy '17 finishing an MPH at Penn and working full-time at Jefferson Hospital in the Infectious Disease department as the Ryan White program coordinator.

Kahaari Kenyatta '16 is working as a Lead Field Coordinator for MAPSCorps in NYC through the Health Career Connections Internship Program, leading a team in a community asset mapping project with the goal of creating an online resource for community members in underserved communities to better access their local businesses.

Zeena Khalfan '12 works with a startup called Collective Health, which works with employers that self-fund their employees to help offer health insurance. 

Alina Kim '12 works with the Google+ Marketing and Community Partnerships team.

Julia Kinzey '15 works as a consultant for Deloitte Advisory in the Life Sciences and Health Care practice.

Eun Kyung Ellen Kim '15 is attending med school at the University of Massachusetts. 

Jung Kim '11 is clinical care coordinator for the J. Edwin Wood Clinic at Pennsylvania Hospital

Lauren Eun Kim '17 is taking post bacc courses and a couple of gap years before medical school. "Thanks to HSOC for everything the past four years - I am so proud to have been a part of the HSOC program at Penn and feel that it has tremendously influenced my academic, professional, and personal interests."

Alexandra Kimmel '17 is a clinical research coordinator in the Pediatric Stroke Program and Neurology Department at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Mary Katherine K Kleva '13 has been with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers for the last 3 and a half years, where as a program manager she has led strategy and engagement efforts for local and national initiatives. During that time, she has helped the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs through grant development, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement.

Meredith Kline '17 is doing clinical research in Pediatric Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Emma Kloppenburg '16 works at Quantified Ventures in Washington, DC as an Impact Analyst.

Kurt Koehler '16 is a Health Coach for the Camden Coaltion of Healthcare Providers at the Urban Health Institute at Cooper University Health Care.

Caroline Kokubun '12 is Community Health Development Extensionist for the Peace Corps in Zambia.

Danielle Koo '10 is working in corporate strategy at Flex.

Freda Koomson '08 currently resides in Monrovia, Liberia where she is working with the Yale School of Medicine-Office of Global Health Health Workforce Program. As a postgrad health management associate, she contributes to the team by helping to build management capacity with special focus on quality improvement in several key areas of health systems strengthening including but not limited to establishing performance measurement systems, strengthening management of medical records and other health information systems, and promoting better pharmacy and inventory management.

Megha Kosaraju '13 is working in Chicago for a hospital software startup - Procured Health - in New Product Development.

Mansi Kothari '12 is entering Stanford Law School in fall 2012.

Sarah Kounaves '11 will be enrolled in an MSc of Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society at a joint program with Imperial College London and University College London starting in the fall of 2012.

Kim Krowne '06 is now Client Liaison and Field Coordinator at Columbia University and Zara Solar.

Abha Kulkarni '17 will be at Penn completing her MPH and will also be working for an organization called Akshaya Patra, which provides free meals to schoolchildren in various states in India. "This summer, I will be on their communications team, working to improve their online and social media presence in addition to raising awareness for the cause. Next year, I will be traveling to India to perform an impact evaluation on the effect this organization's work has had on female high school graduation rates in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This work could potentially help the organization expand its work to even more states across India. I am also applying to medical school with the hope of beginning in Fall 2018. 

I want to thank the entire HSOC department for the role you have played in shaping me into the person I am today. Coming to Penn, I was sure that I wanted to be a doctor so that I could help people. I thought I had a very clear understanding of disease and health. However, since my HSOC classes have broadened my view of health and society as a whole. While I still hope to go to medical school, my end goal has shifted. I now hope to use my medical training as well as the skill set I have developed as an HSOC major to bring healthcare to underserved communities. I appreciate the education that you and many others gave me and will carry it with me forever."

Jerrie Kumalah '06 received her MPH from UNC-Chapel in Health Behavior and Health Education and is currently working for the Baltimore City Health Department as an assistant for special projects

Lauren Kus '15 is attending Indiana University School of Medicine.

Sarah Ladley '10 has a teaching/coaching fellowship, teaching high school biology and coaching swimming and field hockey at Winchester College in England; will return to Penn in 2011 to finish a masters in environmental studies.

San Le ’16 is in the MPH program at the Emory University Rollins School of Public Health.

Katherine Liang '15 is working in clinical research at HUP for the department of dermatology and studying for the MCAT.

Regina Lam '12 is doing healthcare consulting in San Francisco for IMS Health, and plans to enter a post-bac program for medical school in the summer of 2015.

Adria Lamba '12 will be at Georgetown University Law Center starting in fall 2012.

Susan Landon '17 is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine through the Thouron Award.

Keely Langdon '11 is an analyst for Health Advances in Boston.

Juliet Larkin-Gilmore '10 has worked as program assistant at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Special Immunology clinic for children perinatally infected with HIV. This fall, she will pursue a PhD in history at Vanderbilt University. Juliet plans to study the history of medicine in the United States with an emphasis on health and indigenous healing among American Indians.

Johanna Lauer '06 is getting her MPH at the University of Michigan in health policy, and previously worked at the Advisory Board Company in DC (hospital consulting firm), and then at the Center for Studying Health System Change (health policy think tank in DC).

Christopher Lee '03 completed a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac) in California.

Jennifer Lee '14 is starting at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple in fall 2017.

Melanie Lei '12 is a Partnership Manager at Coursera, a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that offers higher education courses so that anyone in the world can have a world-class education for free. She manages a portfolio of international universities and teacher professional development organizations. Previously, Melanie worked at Arabella Advisors, a philanthropy and impact investing consulting firm. At Arabella, Melanie conducted two program-related investment evaluations and also helped to build and launch the Literacy Design Collaborative, an education startup focused on improving K-12 literacy instruction.

Jed Lenzner '11 will be working for the investment bank Allen & Co. in New York City.

Ashley LeMaire '09 worked in Clinical Trials and QA at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, was a Consultant with The Chartis Group, and is now a Manager in Pfizer Consulting & Execution.

Sara Levin '06 - I've spent most of my career in healthcare and life sciences consulting - currently in strategy consulting. I've also worked at Planned Parenthood Federation and interned at salaUno (a startup eye clinic in Mexico City) and Anthem. I received my MBA from Columbia Business School. Currently: Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences, for KPMG LLP in New York City

Yinchi Gigi Li '07 is a doctoral student at Chestnut Hill College in clinical psychology.

Sha Ling '06 works for GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, working out of the Parsippany NJ Consumer Healthcare office, and managing the entire Canadian 3rd Party Contract Manufacturers. She has worked extensively in China as well.

Alexandra Lipschultz '11 is earning her master's in bioethics at Penn and hopes to go to law school once she completes the MBE degree.

Sandra Loza-Avalos '17 is working full-time as a clinical research coordinator in the Women's Health Clinical Research Center, in the Department of OB/GYN at HUP and going to school part-time to earn her MPH at Penn.

Stephanie Luu '15 is working in Boston for LEK Consulting.

Kelsey Lythcott '09 worked at a non-profit hospital in Cambodia after graduation, and currently works for Gokhale Method Institute, a start-up in Silicon Valley.

Shannon Macika '14 is currently working for the Virginia Department of Health's Office of Environmental Health Services through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Public Health Associate Program (PHAP). She also began pursuing a MPH through the George Washington University Milken School of Public Health's MPH@GW program in January 2017. She previously served as an AmeriCorps VISTA for two years in Philadelphia, PA.

Cate Macqueen ’16 works for City Year Philadelphia.

Lavanya Madhusudan '09 is starting a dual degree MSW/MPH program this fall offered between the University of Maryland School of Social Work and the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins.

Alexa Magyari ’16 is in a doctoral program in Health Economics at the University of California-Berkeley.

Alexandra Malebranche '08 graduated from Columbia Univ Dental School and am now attending University of California San Francisco (UCSF) for a pediatric dental residency.

Parmpreet Mann '17 is working for a healthcare startup called Collective Health.

Lee Marcus '13 is teaching 8th grade math at Achievement First Crown Heights Middle School in Brooklyn, NY.

Jenny Markell ’16 is a Research Assistant at the Urban Institute's Health Policy Center.

Helen Marks '10 is Communications and External Affairs Coordinator for the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GBC) in New York City.

Lauren Martin '13 is in the Masters of Physician Assistant studies program at  University of Texas-Southwestern.

Sean Massa '15  has a Princeton in Asia Fellowship teaching at Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia until summer 2016, and then will pursue a dual masters degree at Yale University: MPH through Yale School of Public Health, and MARc Ethics through Yale Divinity School.

Jaime Masunga '17 is attending dental school at the University of Kansas City Missouri (UMKC).

Amanda Mauri '14  - I am about to start a PhD program at the University of Michigan in Health Services Organization and Policy. My research will focus on behavioral health insurance protections encoded within state and federal law. I am available to talk with any student interested in the PhD application process or Michigan specifically.

Megan McCarthy Alfano '14 is working on healthcare issues for the Senate Finance Committee, Office of the Ranking Member (Senator Ron Wyden) in Washington, DC.

Meghan McDonald '14 is doing AmeriCorps at the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers for 2014-2015.

Joy McKinley '15 is working as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Megan McMonigle '14 served two terms with AmeriCorps VISTA in Kansas City, and will now be attending Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in the fall of 2017 to pursue an MPH.

Mary Kate McMullen ’16 is doing a postbac program at Jefferson College of Biomedical Sciences at Thomas Jefferson University.

Natalie Meeder '17 is an Operations Associate with Collective Health, a health tech start up in San Francisco, with plans to eventually apply to medical school.

Rachel Meislin '09 was recently accepted to the NYU School of Medicine in an  MD/MPH program.

Gabriella Meltzer '15 is entering a PhD program at NYU in Public Health in fall 2017.

Lauren Mendelson '11 will be taking a gap year before medical school working in DC as an ophthalmic technician.

Brian Mertens "11 currently works for SF Youthworks, which coordinates high school internships with the San Francisco city government.  The program provides youth in San Francisco with job training and exposure to careers in the public sector.

Kathryne Mezzanotte '12 is working on the health team for a tech start-up dedicated to bringing consumers transparent cost information to make better, more informed financial decisions. Her team focuses on health financial information, topics ranging from medical billing advocates to health insurance.

Sivan Mills '17 is working as a Senior Project Manager for Aetna.

Danielle Mohabir '15 will be attending the UNC Chapel Hill MSTP program.  She is  accepted into the MD/PhD program and will complete her PhD in the School of Public Health.

Elise Morocco '11 is a scientific program analyst at NIH in Bethesda, MD.

Kristin Myers '15 is serving a year of Americorps service for the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, working in migrant health at a federally qualified health center in Rural Washington.

Bardia Nabet '13 is working as a Communications and Research Assistant at PolicyLab at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He is a member of the Strategy and Communications team focusing on translation and dissemination of PolicyLab research.  He is also completing his MPH at Penn.

Jason Nagata '08 is a fellow in the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He finished his pediatrics residency at Stanford University in 2013. He continues to work with the World Health Organization on global adolescent health research.

Hari Nath '17 is working at the National Cancer Institute as an NIH Cancer Research Training Award Fellow, in Radiation Oncology. 

Amanda Nelson Delfiner '10 recently received her MBA from NYU Stern and has begun working in strategy and operations consulting at Deloitte, with a focus on life sciences and healthcare. Prior to business school, she was working for a healthcare tech company that focused on electronic health records. 

Kimberly Nemzoff '13 is the Ryan White Program Coordinator at Jefferson’s Division of Infectious Disease where I oversee a grant that helps to provide healthcare to uninsured and underinsured HIV+ patients in the Philadelphia community. At the end of this year, I will be applying to joint BSN/MSN/MPH programs to begin in 2015.   

Tahirih Nesmith '17 is doing management consulting at Accenture.

Stephanie Neuwirt '10 is working at SRSsoft, an electronic health records company.

Kelly Newman '12 works at Optum.

Clara Ng '10 is pursuing a masters in Development Studies at the University of Oxford, England.

Courtney Ng '13 is a M.S. candidate at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Amobiye Nkromah '15 is working at Penn and applying to grad school at GSE.

Rebecca Nolan ’16  works for The Advisory Board Company as an analyst for their Research and Insights Team that does consulting for hospitals.

Audrey Nuamah ’16 is in the MPH program at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Julie Nusbaum '06 attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Renata O’Donnell ’16 attends Georgetown Law School.

Kate Odulukwe ’16  is in the MPH program at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Martha Ofuani ’16 is an analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Gina Orlando '14 is a Philly Fellow for the coming year.

Rachel Orlinsky '17 is taking a gap year before medical school and doing clinical research in Philadelphia.

Charlie Oshinsky '12 is working at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies in Colorado and applying to medical school.

Riddh Pakrasi '07 a primary care physician in the Chicago suburbs. "If you have any HSOC premeds or alum med students looking for advice, I would be happy to talk with them!"

Aileen Palmer '12  is now Graduate Research Assistant at Harvard Global Health Systems Cluster.

Laura Pang '09 is a law student at Loyola New Orleans on a three-year scholarship.

Kinjan Parikh '12 is entering Harvard Medical School in fall 2012.

Claire Park '17 is attending a post-bac program in the San Francisco area, and will apply to medical school in 2018.

Katie Peck '14 is a program coordinator and research assistant at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Global Health Policy Center.

Matthew Pellegrino '14 is an analyst in the healthcare investment banking unit of Raymond James Financial.

America Perez ’16 is consulting for Deloitte.

Rick Pezzullo '15 is at Columbia University pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Mara Pillinger '07 writes: I've left the NYC DOHMH, am currently at Oxford studying Global Governance , and will be starting my PhD in International Relations (focusing on global health governance) at GW this fall. 

Stephen Pintauro16 is a Fulbright Scholar in South Africa.

Pallavi Podapati '13 is in the History of Science PhD program at Princeton.

Erin Power '11 is currently working at The Mayhew Program, a camp for at-risk youth in Bristol, NH, and hopes to be returning to Penn to work in the Development Office in the fall.

Anjeli Prabhu '08 is attending Jefferson Medical School.

Maxwell Presser '14 is doing pharmaceutical consulting.

Monica Purmalek '14 is a medical student at the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine and an officer in the United States Air Force.

Harivony Rakotoarivelo '10 is currently in her second year of MSc. in Biostatistics at Columbia University.

Sara Ramirez '17 is pursuing an MPH at the University of Pennsylvania.

Neel Rane '06 has worked at ZS Associates in New York and Los Angeles for 4 years, consulting primarily to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He is excited to be returning to Penn in Fall 2010 to attend law school. Go Quakers!

Sophie Ranen '17 is working at The Advisory Board Company as a Research Analyst.

Tasneem Rangwala '05 graduated from dental school and is currently doing a residency in Orthodontics in NYC.

Ramita Ravi '17 graduated as an HSOC major and urban education policy minor and is submatriculating into the MPH program at Penn. 

Brittney Reid '15 is applying to dental school.

Gabrielle Ritaccio '10 did at post-bac at Bennington and is now studying medicine at Upstate Medical College. 

Lora Rosenblum '12 is working on the Customer Service team at Oscar Insurance in New York. Oscar is a startup using technology and a focus user experience to reshape how patients engage with their health insurance companies.

Andrew J. Rosenthal '06  recently completed his MBA at Harvard Business School and is Chief Strategy Officer at Massive Health, a San Francisco-based consumer health company with a focus on health engagement.  He is active in the Penn community with roles on the Executive Committee of Penn Alumni and the Executive Board of the Penn Fund."

Paula Ruckenstein '14 is working in the Penn Office of General Counsel.

Amanda Ruffner '14 is working as an editorial assistant at the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Sarah Sanchez '10 is a neurology resource coordinator at CHOP.

Sarah Schulte '14 is a Princeton in Latin America fellow, teaching public health to 9th and 10th graders and helping them develop public health outreach projects.  After that she will be in Chile, studying on a Fulbright grant, and she hopes to be matriculating in medical school in the fall of 2015.

Will Schupmann '17 is working at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. His senior thesis research has been published in the Penn Historical Review this spring.

Tori Searl '10 is working as a paralegal in New York City for Weil, Gotshal & Manges and is planning on attending law school in the Fall of 2012.

Katherine Senter '17 will be working as a marketing specialist for Navarro Research and Engineering in Oak Ridge, TN.

Emily Selvin '11 is consulting for Deloitte in San Francisco.

Katherine Sgarro '15 is entering the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Ryann Shaffer '17 is with Teach for America in New York.

Becky Shasha '15 graduated from the Penn MPH program in December 2016 and is currently doing health services research at the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Julie Shin '08 is currently in medical school at Tulane University in New Orleans. She is the student leader for a mobile clinic that travels from health fair to health fair, giving medical students the opportunity to do important health screenings for a lot of Katrina-survivors who lost their main access to health care with the shutting down of Charity Hospital. In her spare time, she explores New Orleans and its many exciting restaurants (trying things as unique as alligator cheesecake) and currently holds the #1 rank for New Orleans food blogs (http://www.foodographer.net). 

Michael Shostek ’15 is a paralegal for the Federal Litigation Unit at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and a teaching assistant for Penn's Master of Environmental Studies program. 

Erica Simon '11 is attending Columbia's Teachers College in early childhood education.

Katie Simon '08 is currently working as a communications specialist for the National Science Foundation and also pursuing an MPH at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Shrestha Singh '12 will be attending Harvard Divinity School in the fall of 2014 as she works toward her Master of Divinity degree. She plans to study feminist theology and the intersections of spirituality and social change. She spent the year after graduation working as a Philly Fellow for Children's Crisis Treatment Center in Philadelphia. Most recently, she has been back home in California, spending her time farming in San Jose, doing restorative justice work in Oakland, and hiking with her amazing family.

Lakshmi Sivarajan '09 is a medical student at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine on the Canby Robinson Society Merit Scholarship and currently conducting research into potential treatments for Angelman Syndrome, a severe developmental disorder affecting approximately 1/12,000 to 1/20,000 people.

Rachel Skelly '15 is working at Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations Group in New York.

Taylor Smith '15 has a post-bac at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX before applying to veterinary school.

Katrina Sohrakoff '07 is a MPH candidate (2011) at Yale and is serving as the President of the Student Association of the Yale School of Public Health. She is also the CFO of Yale Health CORE, a student organization that leads public health initiatives in El Salvador and in the local community. Katrina is currently pursing a health management internship at St. Paul's Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Diana Soran '10 is a research specialist at the Whitman Walker Clinic in Washington, DC

Liz Spangler '06 worked for two years in NYC for a small healthcare consulting firm in Manhattan (Easton Associates) doing strategy work for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. She is now in Iasi, Romania helping start a church for English speaking internationals in the city. 

Alexandra Sperling '10 is attending Cardozo Law School in NYC.

Claudia Stedman '17 will be attending law school at Notre Dame.

Line Stensland '13 is a med student at the University of Oslo.

Ellie Stoller '14 is a consultant with Deloitte.

Erica Stutius '08 is completing her first year of dental school at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She was awarded the Dean's Research Scholarship and, this summer will be doing research in the Department of Public Health Dentistry examining the oral health status of developmentally disabled patients treated under general anesthesia.

Sophia Tareen '17 is an Operations Associate at Collective Health in San Francisco.

Eric Tepper '17 is completing a master's at Penn in integrated product design.

Deborah Trimble ’16 is attending the University of Michigan Medical School.

Marielle Trubowitsch '17 is working at a startup called Nomad Health.

Chelsea Townes '09 is attending the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

Katherine Tuider '07  "After a year and a half of travel, research, writing and editing, my book, Dominican Republic (Other Places Travel Guide) has finally been published today. In Dominican Republic (Other Places Travel Guide), my co-author, Evan Caplan, and I aim to share the part of the Dominican Republic that we came to know and love as Peace Corps Volunteers. "

Nicole Ventrone '17 will be teaching in Baltimore through Teach for America.

Joseph Vick '14 is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton providing strategic and management consulting to the Department of Defense's Military Health System (MHS) in Washington, DC. His efforts are supporting the MHS in transitioning from a system of health care to a system of health and driving meaningful impact to their $50 billion budget and nearly 10 million beneficiaries seeking care from hundreds of treatment facilities world-wide.

Grace Vincent '17 is a Clinical Research Assistant in the Department of Radiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

K'Shelle Waller '11  has been a HealthCorps Coordinator, Academic Coordinator at Penn Dental in the Community Oral Health Department, and is now at Practice, a local education technology tech startup in Philadelphia.

Kate Wallis '07 graduated with her MD/MPH dual-degree from StonyBrook University School of Medicine in May 2012. She will be a fellow in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at CHOP starting on July 1st after finishing her residency at NYU and Bellevue Hospitals (working at Bellevue is the most amazing experience for a former HSOC major). She is currently in Honduras, working in a pediatric clinic in the Roatan Public Hospital for the month as part of residency. Kate earned her MD with Recognition for work she completed on a manuscript titled "Cesarean Section Rates: A Socio-Historical Perspective." For her MPH practicum experience, Kate studied the Frequent Flier Population of the Stony Brook University Hospital Emergency Department and explored ways to improve healthcare delivery for this patient population.

Eileen Wang ’16 is a Fulbright Scholar in China. An article based on her senior thesis research has been published in the journal Social Science of Medicine.

Tali Warburg '14 is a research analyst for the Advisory Board Company

Samuel Ware '13 is a Medical Missionaries' Global Health Fellow in Thomassique, Haiti for the 2013-2014 year.

Olivia Webb '17 is interning at the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and then starting a job in health care consulting with the Advisory Board Company.

Shani Weerakoon '11 is attending medical school at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke, VA. It is a new med school and Shani will be a member of the second class.

Barbara Wei '11 is working for Censeo Consulting Group in Washington D.C. doing supply chain and operations analysis. Censeo focuses on helping the military reduce costs when it procures or purchases any type of item.

Collin Weinberger '06 is working as a Research Associate at the Institute of Medicine on the Board on Global Health.

Caitlin Weiss '16 is with AmeriCorps VISTA. with Philly Fellows, working with Philadelphia Legal Assistance on their Medical Legal Community Partnership program.

Martina Westcott '11 is in the MPH program at Jefferson.

Emma White '15 - I will receive my MPH in Health Policy and Management from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. I will then be starting the Administrative Fellowship at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in July 2017. 

Alix Winter '10 is a PhD student at Harvard in Sociology; her dissertation will focus on opioid prescription.

Katie Wolff '08 is working as a Project Manager for a QA project evaluating end-of-life care given to veterans in the VA for the Penn/VA Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, and is also in the MS Health Policy Research program part-time.

Abby Worthen '14 work for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as the public health liaison to Medicaid.

Christina Wu '14 had a Fulbright in Hangzhou, China for 2014-2015, and is currently working as a Senior Research Analyst at The Lewin Group, a health and human services consulting firm based Falls Church, VA.

Eliana Yankelev '16 is working at Swarthmore College for the Peace and Conflict Studies Program.

Justin Yee '03 worked at the Urban Institute in DC (a thinktank) for nearly four years as a Research Associate, conducting econometric and statistical analyses on an assortment of health care issues facing low-income families. He then served briefly as a Health Policy Fellow in the Senate Finance Committee under Senator Max Baucus, and is now a medical student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Lily Young '17 is a medical assistant at Laser Surgery Care, a private practice/outpatient surgery center for patients with HPV and colorectal cancer for 2 years and then applying to medical school.

Kelly Zafman '14 is starting medical school at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in August 2014.

Tanya Zaist '11 in attending a pre-medical post-bac program at San Francisco State University with the plan of being admitted to D.O. school.

Haley Zarrin '14 is completing a postbac at Jefferson.

Dina Zaret '16 started at Penn Med in Fall 2017.

Fan Zhou '10 is Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, Boston.