Concentration Rules

  • no more than three non-College courses are permitted
  • elective courses not on this list may petitioned
  • there is no doublecounting between the concentration and the rest of the major
  • courses not used for the core course may be used as topical electives

Core Courses(1 cu required)

HSOC 002 Medicine in History
HSOC 112 The People's Health
HSOC 145 Comparative Medicine
HSOC 150 American Health Policy

Topical Electives (5 cu required)

ANTH 332 Medicine and the Language of Pain
CLST 371 Greek & Roman Medicine
HIST 345  Sinners, Sex and Slaves
HIST 346  Bodies, Race and Rights
HIST 349  History of Sexuality in the U.S.
HSOC 140 History of Bioethics
HSOC 152 Technology and Medicine in Modern America (STSC 162)
HSOC 216 Gender and Health
HSOC 337 Race and Medicine in the Global South
**HSOC 430 Disease & Society
**HSOC 454 Military Medicine and Technology
**HSOC 458 Environments and Health (STSC 458)
**HSOC 462  Seeking Health
*NURS 318 Race, Gender, Class and the History of American Health Care
*NURS 324 United States Child Health 1800-2000
STSC 001 Emergence of Modern Science
STSC 003 Technology and Society
STSC 179 Environmental History
STSC 202 Scientific Revolution
STSC 212 Science, Technology and War

*non-College course
**If this course is used in the concentration, it cannot be used to fulfill the capstone requirement