Concentration Rules

  • no more than three non-College courses are permitted
  • elective courses not on this list may petitioned
  • there is no doublecounting between the concentration and the rest of the major
  • courses not used for the core course may be used as topical electives
  • NOTE: Disease and Society terminates as a concentration in May 2020; it closed to new majors in 2019. 

Core Courses (1 cu required)

HSOC 112 The People's Health
HSOC 260 Social Determinants of Health (SOCI 259)
**HSOC 430 Disease and Society 

Topical Electives (5 cu required)

ANTH 244 Disease and Human Evolution
ANTH 260 Cultures of Science and Technology
ANTH 273 Global Health: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH 332 Medicine and the Language of Pain
ANTH 359 Nutritional Anthropology
BFMD 073 Infectious Disease
CLST 371 Greek and Roman Medicine
ENGL 107 Medicine and Literature (formerly ENGL 085)
ENVS 407 Tobacco Addition
ENVS 408 Urban Asthma Epidemic
GRMN 253 Freud
GSWS 242 Science of Sex and Sexuality
HSOC 152 Technology and Medicine in Modern America (STSC 162)
HSOC 216  Gender and Society
HSOC 230 Epidemiology
HSOC 231 Insect Epidemiology
HSOC 259 Complementary/Alternative Med
HSOC 334  Birth Culture and Medical Technology
HSOC 337 Race and Medicine in the Global South
HSOC 382 Public Health & Violence
**HSOC 454 Military Medicine and Technology
*NURS 312  Nutritional Aspects of Disease
*NURS 313 Obesity in Society –OR- ANTH 152
*NURS 318 Race/Class/Gender in Hlth Care
*NURS 324  US Child Health
*NURS 343 Environmental Health Issues and Global Implications
PSCI 135 Politics of Food (HSOC 135)
PSCI 335 Health Schools (HSOC 335)
SOCI 111 Health of Populations (HSOC 111)
SOCI 277 Mental Illness
STSC 209 Race and Gender in Global Science
STSC 212 Science, Technology and Warfare (HSOC 212)
STSC 328  What is prediction?
STSC 338  Hybrid Science: Nature, Health & Society in Latin America

*non-College course
**If this course is used in the concentration, it cannot be used to fulfill the capstone requirement

One of these may be used as a concentration elective for Disease and Society:
PHIL 072 Biomedical Ethics
HSOC 102 Bioethics (SOCI 101)
HSOC 140 History of Bioethics

One of these may be used as a concentration elective
BIOL 446 Statistics for Biologists
*STAT 111 Intro Stat (this counts as a non-College course)