Junior Spring

- Successful completion of 420, including a 20-page research paper and 3-4 page proposal
        --Proposal is reviewed by HSOC 420 instructor & prospective advisor before submission
- Paper and Proposal Review: HSOC committee meets to review & make recommendations regarding the continuation of the project. (Committee members: HSOC Director, HSOC Associate Director, HSOC 420 Instructor)

-If approved to continue, students submit senior thesis application to the Associate Director, who will register students for HSOC 498


Summer Before Senior Year

- Thesis Research and writing
        --All primary source research should be completed over the summer. We expect that students will be pursuing other interests during their summers, however they also need to dedicate a significant proportion of their summers to conducting, if not completing, their research and data collection.
- Two or three “meetings” with advisor 
- We advise students to touch base with their advisors by email or in-person regarding their progress.

Senior Fall

-Thesis writers are registered for HSOC 498
-Schedule regular (e.g. bi-weekly) meetings with advisor.
- Attend monthly meetings of all thesis writers (**Mandatory**)    
- 3rd Week of November: Full draft due to advisor & HSOC department
- Final day of the semester: Completed thesis due to advisor & HSOC department**

    **No extensions, No exceptions**

Senior Spring

- Jan. 31st: Final, formatted version submitted in paper to the Associate Director

For the final submission to the department, you should bound your thesis in some way. You can do this by taking your final edited, formated, proofread, polished copy to a place like University Copy or Campus Copy, using a simple binding and putting a plastic cover on the front.  You can consider having your thesis printed (and even bound) professionally, but it is by no means required that you undergo this expense! Keep your margins in mind, particularly if you print double-sided. You may want to get several copies, one for the department, one to keep, and a few to use as examples of your research abilities.

- Late April/early May: Senior Symposium  (April 27, 2020, 3:30 pm)
       --10 minute research poster presentation (3 minute presentation; 7 min Q&A) required for all students in order to receive honors (including students who graduated early)