1) Have you utilized Weingarten Learning Resource Center?

  • Weingarten offers study strategies and time management instruction to help you study 
 more efficiently and effectively.  You are not expected to have all the skills you need for college study.  And you will need changing skills as you move up in the College curriculum.
  Location: 3702 Spruce Street/Stouffer Commons
  • What happens at Weingarten stays at Weingarten.  It is completely confidential.
  • Weingarten and the Tutoring Center work together 

2) Have you gotten to know your instructor and/or your TA?  Do you understand how and why they teach the course the way they do?

3) In many college courses, it’s not just a question of mastering objective material, but mastering the approach of the discipline.  What does it mean to study this discipline on the College level?  

4) Struggling in a course is a bump in the road, not necessarily a barrier or a dead end in that discipline.   If you are struggling in a course, it is important to figure out why you are struggling (and Weingarten can help with this).  It’s also important to figure out if the course is a stepping-stone to other kinds of courses in the discipline.  

  • Have you figured out what difficulties you are having and why?  
  • Have you figured out if the course is essential to progressing in the major? (Don’t drop the course if it is an essential stepping stone!)
  • If you have gotten a CPN, do you understand what it is for and how you can learn from it and find a positive outcome?

5) When something doesn't work do you see it as an opportunity? Are you trying to learn from problem sets, comments on papers, etc?  Do you work on learning from them with other students, a peer tutor, or with your TA or professor?

6) Do you approach every reading and lecture with a question?

7) Have you utilized Weigle Information Commons for assistance with digital technologies?

8) Do you understand the requirements of your major?