Graduate Student

Entered 2017

Claudia Cohen Hall 332
Wednesday 3-5 pm


B.A., History and Psychology, McMaster University
M.A., History of Medicine, McGill University

Research Interests

Taylor Dysart studies the historical intersections between psychiatry and the mind sciences, anthropology, folk healing, and gender. In particular, Taylor is interested in how medical practitioners and social scientists attempted to render practices of folk healing - both its material and immaterial components - amenable to urban biomedical spaces in twentieth-century Latin America and the colonial legacies of these asymmetric relationships.
Prior to beginning her doctoral studies at Penn, Taylor completed a B.A. in History and Psychology at McMaster University followed by an M.A. in the History of Medicine at McGill University. While in Montréal, her research focused primarily on the cultural history of clinical psychopharmacology and mental health care workers.

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