Students in this submajor study how science and technology intersect with the the humanities and social sciences.  (For example, they might look at the history of science in relationship to literature, fine arts and cinema, or the relationship between psychology, neuroscience and technology, or the history of a scientific discipline such as geology).

For guidelines about submajors, including pre-approved courses and requested courses, click here.

- 1 cu of the following core course in social science concepts and analysis:

SOCI 001
SOCI 100
ANTH 001
ANTH 002

Pre-Approved Courses ( 5 cu)

ANTH 258 Visualizing the Past
ANTH 260 Cultures of Science and Technology
CINE 278    Document(ary), Database, and Archives for the Future
CIS 125 Technology and Policy
ENGL 059 Modernisms and Modernities
ENGL 107 Medicine and Literature (formerly ENGL 085)
ENGL 105 World of Work
GRMN 239 Sustainability and Utopia
GRMN 253 Freud
GSWS 242 Science of Sex and Sexuality
PHIL 325 Philosophy of Science
STSC 110 Science and Literature
STSC 123 Darwin’s Legacy
STSC 208 Science and Religion
STSC 319 Science in Context
STSC 328 What is Prediction?
STSC 363 Technology and Democracy
STSC 379 Animals in Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 443 Science and the Senses

Updated June 2015