Students in this submajor explore how the life sciences (sciences such as biology, medicine, and sometimes anthropology or sociology that deal with living organisms and life processes) develop and change in social and historical context.

Pre-Approved Courses
ANTH 213 - Local Biologies
ANTH 238 - Medical Anthropology
ANTH 244 - Disease and Human Evolution
ANTH 260 - Cultures of Science and Technology
BIOL O17 - DNA, Disease and Diet
ENGL 107 - Medicine and Literature (formerly ENGL 085)
GRMN 253 - Freud
GSWS 242 - Science of Sex and Sexuality
HSOC 002 - Medicine in History
HSOC 102 - Bioethics
HSOC 112 - The People's Health
HSOC 216 - Gender and Health
HSOC 230 - Fundamentals of Epidemiology
HSOC 231 - Insect Epidemiology
HSOC 232 - Social Epidemiology
HSOC 241 - Stem Cells: Science and Society
HSOC 302 - Stem Cells in the Schools
HSOC 337 - Race and Medicine in the Global South
HSOC 430 - Disease and Society
PHIL 072 - Biomedical Ethics  (HSOC 101)
STSC 021 - From Darwin to DNA
STSC 123 - Darwin's Legacy
SOCI 175 - Medical Sociology
STSC 162 - Technology and Medicine in Modern America
STSC 328 - What is prediction?
STSC 411 - Sports Science, Medicine and Technology
STSC 442 - Hospital as Curing Machine

The content of this list is reviewed at least once a year.  If a course that a student took as an STSC major and applied to their major credits is taken off the list, it still counts toward the major.  However, if the student was not an STSC major at the time the course was taken, then that course does not automatically count toward the sub-major. (updated June 2015)