Jack Becker, "The Vigor We Need. . .Numbers: Quantification in American Presidential Fitness Councils" (Adviser: Dr. Jonathan Moreno)

Jonathan Sadeghi, "Pokeman is the New Plastics: How Niantic Labs Uses Data" (Adviser: Dr. Etienne Benson)



Robert Levine, “Modern Architecture and Ideology: Modernism as a Political Took in Sweden and the Soviet Union”  (Adviser: Dr. Adelheid Voskuhl)



Kelly Bridges, “Climate Change, Scheduled Casters And Scheduled Tribes: Analyzing Socioeconomic And Climate Change Vulnerabilities Amongst Female Farmers In Rural Madhya Pradesh” (Adviser: Heidi Voskuhl)



Paul Marett
, "Making Science Public: The Today and Tomorrow Series and the Place
of Science in Early 20th Century Britain" (Adviser: Etienne Benson)

Hillel Neumark, "Terminal Insecurity: Passenger Screening's Historical Journey Toward Landing Legitimacy" (Adviser: John Tresch)

Emma Schad, "Neoliberalism and the Urban Park: Community Involvement in the
Management of the Philadelphia Park System" (Adviser: John Tresch)


Randa Atkins, “The American Elephant”(Adviser: Ann Greene)

Emily Fisher, “Deconstructing The CSI Effect: Forensic Science & The Media”

Christina Hu, “Living In A Sudoku World: The Societal Shift Caused By Technology’s
Integration Into Our Every Day Lives” (Adviser: John Tresch)

Grace Mutuko
, “Big Science Research Trends & Funding Policies:  A Comparative
Study Of The United States, The Netherlands & South Korea Research Landscapes” 



Will Corbit, “Boeing: Seattle’s Sporadic Spouse” (Adviser: Matthew Hersch)

Julia Eckstein, “How Science Found Mona Lisa’s Pearl Necklace: The Evolution of
Scientific Involvement in Art History from the Nineteenth Century to the
Twenty-First Century”  (Adviser: Jonathan Moreno)

Will Kearney, “Tuzo Wilson in China: Tectonics, Diplomacy and Discipline During the
Cold War” (Adviser: John Tresch)

Lara Maggs, “Cognitive Enhancement by Elective Psychopharmacological Intervention in Academia" (Adviser: Jonathan Moreno)

Alison Miller, “United States Policy and Solar Energy: A Study of the Political
        Implementation of Solar Energy Technologies in the United States, 1970-1980”
       (Adviser: Ann Greene)

Spencer Small, ‘“Let’s See That Again”: The Progress of Instant Replay in Sports
        Officiating’  (Adviser: Jonathan Moreno)


Hilary Gerstein, “Nor Any Drop To Drink: A Systems Approach to Water in America” (Adviser: Ann Greene)

Rebekah Larsen, “The Political Nature of TCP/IP”   (Adviser: Ann Greene)

Brittany Leknes, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Versus the Carnegie
Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: A Historical Comparison of Two
Philanthropic Powerhouses in Education”  (Adviser: Ann Greene)

Amanda Piarulli, “Forming Bioethics”  (Adviser: Jonathan Moreno)

Daniel Sholler, “Wind Energy Development and Theories of Technological Change” (Adviser: Ann Greene)



Yelena Baras, “Modeling How Parents Make Decisions About Childhood Vaccination" (Adviser: Adriana Petryna)

Allison Mishkin,  “The Social Shopping Network: Leveraging Peer Networks in
     e-commerce Environments”(Adviser: Nathan Ensmenger)



Jacqueline Boytim, “Of Mice, Men, and Laboratory Architects: Standardization and
     Professionalization in the Development of the Jackson Laboratory, 1929-1964”



Eileen McKeown, “The Role of Information Systems in Fundraising and Advertising for Community Service Organizations.”

David Reinecke, “Folk Technologies, or How to Construct Artifacts to Assemble



Schuyler Ferguson, "Dynamic Trust Mechanisms In Cyberspace: How Do Users And
Systems Respond To Anonymity Online?"

Victoria Frings, "Forecasting The Future: Environmental Science Non/Fiction"